How to make/ set up or use your iPhone as a modem

From this post you can learn how to use or make iPhone as a modem. Use Tether Network via iPhone. ‘’Personal Hot spot’’ is a networking feature of Apple iOS 8, iOS 7 and earlier iOS devices Such as iPhone, iPad. Whenever you’re use Personal Hotspot on your iPhone that time your iPhone has worked as a modem. Just you’ve to need turn on or enable Personal Hotspot on your iPhone and no require any kind of software download and installation. Make your iPhone as a modem so that you can access your modem iPhone internet. What you can do after set up iPhone as a modem – You can easily access your iPhone internet on your laptop, iPad and other Smartphone Such as [Android OS] devices. It’s also called sharing internet.

Note– Enable Personal Hotspot option is depends on your Smartphone carrier, some carrier comes enabled it.

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The iPhone as a Modem – How to enable Personal Hotspot on iPhone  

Step 1. Tap on Settings app

Step 2. Tap on Personal Hotspot

If this option not visible on your iPhone or not enable it then you have might call up to your carrier like (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint etc.) and ask them to enable this feature on your number. Usually Personal Hotspot enabled.

Step 3. Turn on Personal Hotspot    how to make or use  iPhone as a modem

After successfully enable Personal Hotspot on your iPhone become active to work as a modem. Without wired but thorough your data charge.

Step 4. Now connect your Apple iPhone with your Mac or PC using USB cable.

Step 5. Forgot iTunes and under the network settings (Accessible from the taskbar), you should see your iPhone listed network devices. So now Click on it.

Step 6. Once connected successfully, you should now be able to access the 3G and 4G connectivity through your iPhone. Here your iPhone begins to work as a modem.

This is the very easy to use method. Even if you wanted to use it as Wi-Fi modem, you will do it, just Turn on the Wi-Fi receivers on your MacBook, laptop and serach in them.

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All over not to hard in practically, understand once theory and that’s it I mean you’ll get well. Share your replay how to seem this Tip how to use your iPhone as a modem.

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