How to make slow motion video in iPhone: up to 1000 fps

You want perfect slow motion video in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, that doesn’t matter iPhone, iPad and iPod touch series. You can enjoy for all the Model running on iOS 6 or later on iOS 8, iOS 7. Normally for new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus giving slow motion fps rate up to 240 fps (Frames per second), that’s we can increase. But here is the solution that you find in perfect way, No jailbreak.

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Compatible Device: iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5S/ 5C/ 5, iPhone 6 and 6 plus, iPad air, iPad mini and iPod touch all version.

iOS compatibility: iOS 8, iOS 7 and iOS 6

Millions of happy user experienced with Slopro iOS app, this app will accelerate camera hardware and iOS camera features.

Best way to make slow motion video in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with Slopro  

SloPro features: And Use

Catch slow video with 1000 frame per second (iPhone 6 inbuilt fps is 240)

Easy shoot and share with Facebook, twitter, Mail, Message and YouTube

import already shoot video and edit for slow motion in app

Shoot live recording in your iPhone, iPad, iPod and edit while you want slow motion effect

Three different mode of slow motion like, frame blending, Optical flow and ghosting come standard

Hardware acceleration effect on 8X faster than desktop

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touchRecord live video with slow motion video in iPhone screen also import other

Easy to use as a free, Enhance features in pro functionality in just: $3.99

  • Download Now – Best App for create Slow motion video in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Launch Slopro and start recording with Press on large red recording buttons and start recording.

Under the video section pick any of the video for editing for slows motion.

Tap on slow percentage option display on screen, Slow 50%, Slower 40% and Slowest 25%. Edit video on any moment by red toggle slider given in below.

For moving object rendering choose 500 FPS or 1000 FPS from top tab options.Choose fps rate and control speed of object moment in video shooting

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Totally Amazing experience with Slopro slow movie making App. Don’t miss out this app for batter video making. Have you another alternatives that’s make someone more helpful to Slow motion video in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.