How to Monitor/Read Child’s iPhone Text Messages, Call, Location, iPad Remotely in 2024

Apple lets you monitor your kid's activities on iPhone remotely, if you want, then refer this article and see how to do that.

Always monitor your children’s iPhone (Or other iOS devices) activities on parent’s iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC remotely. Here I discussed what you can do forsee/ Read a child’s iPhone text messages that will help to improve your child’s security and abuse activity on online media and internet social media.

mSpy and FlaxiSPY are the best security services for parents, not only text (iMessage) but also for Call, Social Media, phone location of your Child’s iPhone and Android.

The best source for Reading child’s iPhone text messages, calls, and location

#1. mSpy


mSpy is also providing an amazing facility, What’s your child done remotely on your device when you are not in front of his/her. mSpy is also best for social network spy covered for Skype, WhatsUp, iMessage, Viber, Snapchat, Line, and so on.

  1. look All messages
  2. See Text
  3. Keylogger
  4. Find out who they call
  5. Physical Location
  6. Geo Location Alerts
  7. Browse Photos & Videos
  8. See Photos & Videos
  9. Browser History
  10. Social Conversations

Know more about detailed Best Spy software for iPhone features!! really amazing.

Are you happy with the amazing service? Without the passcode, you can read your child’s iPhone text messages, call log history, and other social activity on your device remotely as a responsible parent of your children. You Don’t Miss out on Limit Kid’s Screen Time on iPhone and iPad.

#2. FlexiSPY: monitor your child activity


Great features always impress with your child activity track on any device remotely. FlexiSPY allows the option for watching your child’s text message (iMessage), send from your child’s iPhone, and received by your child. Apart from the text message you can also get info about Contact name, outgoing calls, Contact name, Call duration and Date, and Other Very important 200+ Tracking reports anytime and anywhere.

  1. Listen Live Calls
  2. Record all VoIP Calls
  3. Read All Social conversations
  4. Run hidden and In Backgroud
  5. GPS Location
  6. And much more with Over 150 Features
  7. Monitor on Mac, android, PC

Also see your child’s iPhone current location, past location history.

Social activity: Instagram post submitted by your child, left the comment, Followers.

The new Features: WhatsApp and Kik messages (Sent and received), Web browsing history, Bookmarked pages, All saved contacts on child’s iPhone.

Amazing premium service, 1 million+ active users have been connected with teenagers. That will change Subscription any time from Lite, Premium, Extreme (3 Month Pack with 100+ Tracking Facilities). No additional cost for later joins your other child’s iOS device.

Your iPhone not should be jailbroken or android phones must be rooted.

It also works with iPad, iPod touch.

You can use this service for your child under 18 years old age under legal rights.

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