How to optimize battery life: iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Usually, Smart device take more power compare to normal device, here I am talking about iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and MacBook, All the device need WiFi or Data connection, GPS, Background process for smoothly access and do any job at your home/ Office or in the air/Bus. Sometimes you didn’t get power source, that time you have to care about some technical point, So you can stop your battery drain speed compare to ideal mode.

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Here I explained as your device name, which must have to follow due to on some critical conditions. That time anyone can response negative response, But you must have to apply for Optimize battery life and care behind your expensive device.

Ways for optimize battery life in iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and MacBook

Keep up to date OS on your any apple device, Apple always tried to solve some issue regarding battery if any left or detected after new released.

Temperature Effect: 16 to 22 degree C is safe zone for your apple devices (Contains inbuilt battery), above 35 degree temperature damage your device’s battery permanently. Some of the time, in Very low temperature you had loses more battery if you noticed but this situation happen not more so we can ignore it.

For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: Safe temperature is 0 to 35 degree C.

For MacBook: Safe temperature is 10 to 35 degree C.

Try to remove case when on charge, some air tight covers generate more hitting during charging time.

Keep your device not to full or not too low battery percentage. Keep average near to 50% power.

1# if your device’s battery is too low, near to zero then keep is switch off or put on charge.

2# keep your device in moisture free environment.

3# for iPhone, ways to optimize battery life: keep screen brightness intensity low or Set for auto brightness (Settings > Display & Brightness – Enable toggle) for iPad also.optimize battery life on Set on Auto Brightness

  • Wi-Fi is not in use then Disable it.

4# For Apple Watch: Turn on power saving mode when your are on work out or running time.

  • Turn off Bluetooth and disconnect pair between Apple watch and iPhone

5# for MacBook Users: Your MacBook should be running on latest OS X version.

  • Brightness keep low depends on lighting conditions, Or Turn off Cabinet lights off when in not use.
  • WiFi not in use then Turn off WiFi disabled from Network Preference
  • Eject External Drive or SD card after use, don’t keep inside slot
  • Quite application after use
  • Check your power adepter in fresh condition otherwise replace it from here

Amazing suggestion and optimize battery life guide share by apple officially. Check here for more. Any suggestions from your side then share with us.

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