How to pair Apple watch with iPhone in alternate ways: iOS 8.2

Apple Watch paring option only available on your iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, and iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus running on iOS 8.2 or later iOS update. It’s hence that you need apple watch app and this inbuilt app comes with new iOS update release on March Keynote, Apple watch apps not available in app store so you need to update it. In this paring procedure between Apple watch and your iPhone, Apple giving two alternate options for Pair Apple watch with iPhone without any hassle and without any technical knowledge.

Apple watch to iPhone paring procedure same for all apple watch faces (38 faces) from Aluminum to Apple watch gold model.

Alternate way for Pair Apple watch with iPhone remotely and manually

Using iSight Camera: Setup or Pair Apple Watch with iPhone

iSight camera pairing is safest way to pair and access your iPhone data on Apple watch, Here are the basic steps that’s you have to follow,Pair Apple watch with iPhone

Step 1: Go to the apple watch apps from iPhone apps screen, (icon Looks like Watch side view with black background color)

Step 2: Launch app, and Tap on start pairing button on iPhone screen

Step 3: Now next screen use your iPhone iSight camera, and Object will displayed insight square round corner with yellow border looks like in below image.

Step 4: So place your apple watch front of iSight camera, When Scan completed, next follow on screen instruction.

Submit your apple watch detail manually in iPhone

Manually Apple watch pairing process quite difficult for new folks, Because in this case screen will display all the apple watch details with name. Don’t worry I think it should be easy for you.

Step 1: Go to the apple watch, and Launch it.

Step 2: Tap on Start pairing, For manually pairing Tap on “Pair Apple Watch Manually”.How to do manually setup on iPhone for Apple watch

Step 3: All apple watch device automatically scanned and will be displayed as a list.

Step 4: For further process, Tap on “i” icon in front of your apple watch name

Step 5: Submit onscreen instruction correctly and complete setup.

Now you can enjoy all the best known features for apple watch on your hand any time by Pair Apple watch with iPhone (Supported Model only). Most popular are Apple pay in Apple watch, Workout apps in Apple watch and more upcoming third part apps and tracking system will make you life more easy, What you say about apple watch kindly reply us on comment box.