How to Play YouTube in background on iPhone, iPad: iOS 9

Usually, we always get the Google YouTube iOS app update and it bug fixes or added little new feature in its app. But there is no feature to playing music or video on iPhone, iPad background or with turn the screen off or while you use other apps. Since you may be looking for to listen YouTube Music, Playlist or Video in background or turn off screen iPhone or iPad. Then follow this article carefully. We will show you here a way to play YouTube in background on iPhone and iPad running iOS 9.

Not required any special app to follow given method but just you need latest safari browser. If you have upgraded safari app then that’s it. Apply this workaround on running iOS 9 iPhone (iPhone 6S/6, 6S/6 Plus/ iPhone 5S/5), iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro and get enjoy background YouTube.

Ultimate Solution to Play YouTube in background on iPhone, iPad: iOS 9/ iOS 10

Step 1. Launch Safari browser, default browser of iPhone, iPad

Step 2. Now tap on search/address bar and enter

Step 3. Tap on magnifying glass icon and search that you want to playPlay YouTube in background on iPhone iOS 9

Step 4. Let’s starts to play video and make your screen turn off.

Through that, your YouTube music/video will be pause automatically so go on next step.

Step 5. Now again turn the screen on and Swipe up the iPhone screen to launch Control center.

Now tap on Play icon, appear above AirDrop,Play YouTube video, music in background on iPhone

You’re done.

Hope, you can now launch another app, such as Messages, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook or Mail and keep listening while using that app.

You can also add YouTube browser page on your iPhone/ iPad Home screen, just follow below steps.

Launch YouTube on safari > Tap on share icon> navigate Add to Home screen > Tap on Add.add YouTube browser page on your iPhone That’s it.

Let’s share you feedback as a caption in the comment and tell us how’s feeling to Play YouTube in background on iPhone, iPad.