How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on iPhone, iPad, Android

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Nowadays playing YouTube videos in the background is too complicated as Apple itself is blocking our ways. Recently it pulled the ProTube app from the App Store, and we all know that YouTube Premium lets you play YouTube Music in the background but only if you have a subscription. Who wants to waste a single penny, when there’s an alternative way to play videos of YouTube in the background, whilst you are busy playing games or surfing on Safari.

Unless you change YouTube to Desktop Site mode, Safari won’t let you play music in the background. Learn how to play YouTube in the background on iOS devices.

Play YouTube Videos in the Background on iPad, iPhone, Android

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on iOS

There is no need to download any third-party app to play videos in the background when Safari can do it for you.

Using the Safari Browser,

  1. Launch the Safari Browser on your iDevice.
  2. Type YouTube and open it.Open Safari and type in URL Bar
  3. Search for the YouTube video that you want to play.
  4. Tap on the Aa.Tap on AA
  5. Locate and tap on the Request Desktop Site.Select Request Desktop Website
  6. YouTube will switch to desktop mode.
  7. To make sure YouTube video plays in the background, tap on Safari TabsTap on Tabs Switch
  8. Change the tab. If the video continues to play, press the Home button or gesture and get back to the home screen.

Using the Opera Browser,

  1. Launch the App Store and hit the Search button on the bottom.
  2. Type Opera Mini and download the app.
  3. Set up the app.
  4. Now, type in the URL bar and when it opens search the song which you want to listen.
  5. (You can get and copy Video URL from sharing icon on YouTube app, it’s easy to play video on Opera browser by paste it)
  6. Play the video.
  7. Press the Home key and get back to the Home screen and start multi-tasking. When you press the Home key, YouTube will stop playing music.
  8. Finally, swipe the control center and tap play on music control, and music will be resumed.

How to Control YouTube Music on iPhone, iPad

Yes, you can directly play and pause the YouTube Video Playing in Background, just like we do in Apple Music. However, the process differs from one device to another.

If you have iPhone X or later, swipe down the Control Center from the top-right screen. and play/pause the background video.Pull Down the Control Center

For iPhone 8Plus or earlier, the Control Center comes up by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android

Similarly, the Chrome app can do it for you.

  1. Open any of the browser app, Google Chrome or Opera Mini or Firefox.
  2. Then search YouTube and again search for YouTube video to play.
  3. If you are using the Chrome app, then tap on three vertical dots.
  4. Select the Desktop site.
  5. Press the home button and the YouTube video will continue to play in the background on Android.

Above are the quick ways to play YouTube video on background, Without close or unlock your iPhone listen to audio from YouTube on iOS.

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