Buy iTunes Gift and Redeem on iPhone, iPad? Here’s How to

You will get all about to use redeem the iTunes Gift card on iPhone and iPad is very easy after learning this post. Redeem is nothing but one kind of Digital code; you can enter it in two ways one is manually, and the other is using iPhone Camera. You can use iTunes Gift cards and content codes with redeeming for various stores Such as App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, or Mac App Store. There are two options for entering redeem code using the iPhone camera as well manually. To redeem iTunes/ Gift card, you must have at least need which you can read from below.

Before redeeming the iTunes gift card, what things should you have? If you don’t know, then read given below requirement for redeeming iTunes Gift Card on iPhone.

You have got an iTunes Gift card with a focus box around the redemption code, iOS running iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch; Correct Apple ID to login with iTunes Store, internet connection, and well-lit room.

How to Buy and Redeem iTunes Gift Card on iPhone, iPad

Where To Use iTunes Gift Card?

  • The iTunes Gift Card money can be used to purchased e-Books, Apps, and Songs. It can be used at Mac App Store, App Store, Apple Book Store, and iTunes Store.
  • Make sure to use the same Apple ID to make a purchase in which the iTunes Gift Card is redeemed.
  • The iTunes Gift Card can’t be used to buy iPhone, iPad or any other Apple Products, neither in Apple Local Store nor at resellers.
  • However, if you have an Apple Store Gift Card, then it can be used to buy Apple Products from Apple Store.
  • And iTunes Gift Card is only be used to buy Apps, e-Books, and Songs.
  • More there’s one more gift card, Apple Music Membership Gift Card is only be used at Apple Music Membership.
  • There’s one more benefit of Apple Music Membership Gift Card and iTunes Gift Card, they both can be used as vice versa. You can use iTunes Gift Card at Apple Music and Apple Music Membership Card into your iTunes account.

How to Add iTunes/ Apple Gift Card to Wallet on iOS device

Within a few taps, you can Add Apple Gift Card to your iTunes account and use it to purchase the things mentioned above. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you have added iTunes Pass earlier to the Wallet App or after following the below steps to redeem Apple Gift Card. The balance will automatically reflect your Wallet App if it is associated with the Apple ID you are using with your iTunes Account.

  1. Launch the App Store on your iOS device.
  2. Scroll down to the end.
  3. Choose Redeem.
  4. Next, select iTunes Pass and then Get Started.
  5. Thereafter, tap on Add iTunes Pass to Wallet.
  6. When the gift card appears, select Add on the upper-right side of the screen.

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card on iPhone, iPad

Our recommended option to redeem iTunes Gift Card is in the App Store. Unlike, this you have various options to redeem iTunes Gift Card and use it at acceptable stores. Besides, you can also redeem it at Mac App Store; it will show the same iTunes Gift Card’s balance on your iPhone if it uses the same Apple ID.

  1. Go to the App Store on your iDevice.
  2. At the end of the screen, tap Redeem.
  3. Select Use Camera to scan the iTunes the gift card code or also you could tap on You can also enter your code manually
  4. Within moments, the redeemed, a gift card will be deposited on your iTunes Account Wallet.

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card Received via Email?

Here’s how to redeem Apple ID gift card received by email,

  1. Open the Mail app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the email on which you have received the iTunes Gift Card.
  3. Tap Redeem Now.
  4. For security purposes, you may need to verify Touch ID or Face ID, otherwise, enter the Apple ID Password.
  5. Now check the iTunes Pass, the gift card’s amount will be redeemed in your iTunes account.

How to Check iTunes Gift Card Balance

It’s essential to keep track of the remaining balance on your iPhone Wallet app. So let’s check out how to see the remaining iTunes Gift Card Balance on iPhone, iPad.

  1. Launch the Wallet app on iPhone.
  2. Choose iTunes Pass, which is located under Passes.
  3. At the top, the Balance will be displayed.

How to Add Money to iTunes Account/Apple ID?

You can add money to the iTunes account in a snap. Here’s how to add money to the iTunes account.

  1. Navigate to the App Store and scroll down to the last.
  2. Tap Add Funds to Apple ID.
  3. Alternatively, go to your iTunes Pass > tap on three-dot menu > Add Funds to Apple ID.
  4. Choose the amount that you would want to add to iTunes Account and tap Next.
  5. Verify the action with Face ID/Touch ID or Apple ID Password to add money to the iTunes account.

Can I Know Who Redeemed an iTunes Gift Card?

Unfortunately, there is no way to know who redeemed your iTunes card because once the iTunes gift card has been redeemed and the next time you try to use the same gift card code, it’ll show an error. So that’s why always try to use the iTunes Gift Card as early as possible, or keep it safe from other unknown persons while traveling in public transport or wherever.

The conclusion is you can’t know who redeemed iTunes Gift Card, and also it is not possible to see when the gift card has been redeemed.

Can I Redeem iTunes Gift Card for Cash?

No, you can’t redeem iTunes Gift Card unless someone buys your Gift Card in return for cash. Otherwise, Apple doesn’t let you redeem iTunes gift cards for cash.

iTunes Gift Card Not Working

If ever you are facing an error like an iTunes gift card not working at that moment, check out that Card or code is valid, card or code has already been redeemed before by you or someone else, Card or code is inactive, Card or code might be unreadable if the card or code is from a different country or region. Would you please take the help of Apple Support?

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