How to Add/ remove/ Delete custom gesture in iPhone, iPad: iOS 10/ 9/ 8

Custom gesture improves your device functionality in an amazing way. Apple has given slight different way for Remove/ delete custom gesture in iPhone, iPad from accessibility setting. If you don’t know about custom gestures how work? So custom gesture will compress your task or makes easy your job. By single tap on the screen you can close the app, Swipe web page in your Safari browser, But after so many attempts for testing purpose, are you worried about how to delete or remove custom gesture in iPhone, iPad.

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Steps for Add/ Remove/ delete custom gesture in iPhone, iPad and iPod: iOS 10/ 8/ 9

Step 1: Go to the setting app on your iOS device

Step 2: Next, Tap on General.

Step 3: Now, Tap on Accessibility.

Step 4: Move down, and under the interaction section, you will find Assistive touch option. Just tap on it.Delete custom gesture in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Step 5: you can see all old created custom gesture in the list, now delete or remove Slide left named tab.

To Add New Gesture, Tap on Creat New Gesture and Record your multi-fingers movement in New gesture then use it for access app like Mail, Safari..

Then you can see “Delete” red button.

Delete selected custome Gesture

Note: Once you delete you will never restore old custom gesture on your iOS device, so make sure before delete custom gesture in iPhone or other devices.

Custom Gestures in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Without complete understanding about the custom gesture, you will not use this remarkable feature. Using this feature you can open notification center and call Spotlight search.

Here some beautiful custom gesture suggestions, that can try in your device

Mail App: Swipe to right for your Email made unread or read

Safari App: New tab, Close tab or See all pages in Tab View

Quick Type: Enable Quick types to feature by swipe up or disable by swipe down.

Now you can create hundreds for different gestures for maximizing your creativity on the iOS device, have you any confusion about creating and use custom gesture and Delete custom gesture in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 8 or iOS 7.