How to remove jailbreak from iPhone, iPad

Today, millions of jailbreak users switching from jailbreak to latest iOS version, Due to very stunning improvements in new iOS you can try awesome iOS in your old iPhone, iPad models (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S/ iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad). For that you don’t need any technical knowledge or Experience on switch/ Remove jailbreak from iPhone, iPad.

Many users have questions on jailbreak device like, Why Apple support not help for jailbreak device, after remove jailbreak from iPhone apple can find that device is made jailbreak before. Can I remove completely jailbreak code from device, how is the security level in Jailbreak devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch).Remove jailbreak from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

From the Apple’s terms and conditions, Apple can’t support jailbreak device because jailbreak device have very pure security compare to not jailbreak device, But after remove jailbreak through below steps you can get factory formatted jailbreak device, Do the new iOS setup that’s eligible for apple support.

Below trick are useful on your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S/ 5, iPhone 4S/ 4. iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad mini 3/2 and iPod Touch.

Download iOS 9 firmware or iPSW file.

Steps for Remove jailbreak from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Make your device un-jailbreak

Step 1: Connect your iOS device to Mac/ PC using lighting cable.

Step 2: Enter the pass code and Launch iTunes on your Mac/ PC.

Step 3: Once your device sync, your device will be appear on above tab.

Before you go with the next step, turn off Passcode (Setting > Touch ID & Passcode > Turn Passcode Off) and Find my iPhone (Setting > iCloud > Find My iPhone > Turn off).

Step 4:  From the right pane, Tap on summery tab for see full device instruction and restore or Update iOS.

By Update iOS with current OS or Restore from last backup you can remove jailbreak completely (Cydia store and All jailbreak apps).

Tap on Check for update > Download and Update.

It will automatically download latest version on iOS and install automatically. It’s depends on your internet connection.

Or : Press and Hold shift key and click on restore or update. Brows popup will appear, Choose ipsw file (Last backup file) from your system. And restore in your iOS device.

I found many folks are trying to find the way for remove jailbreak without iTunes or remove jailbreak without updating ios, Buy you can’t do that completely.

Wait for auto restart / reboot iOS device, and do new setup. Now you have Remove jailbreak from iPhone successfully. Same tricks works for other iOS device (iPad and iPod Touch).


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