How to remove or update touch ID fingerprints in iPhone, iPad

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Time to go, you have update Touch ID fingerprints in iPhone and iPad, this way, Running on iOS 8, iOS 7. You can remove or update touch ID when not working.

Most of the folks decide to remove or update touch ID fingerprints from iPhone and iPad. In this are you new in this case then this guide will helps without any confusion successfully. Also, you know that now you have to require high security in your iOS device on iTunes, Apple Pay, and as an Unlock device. In My previous article I explain how to add touch ID on new iPhone and iPad device. You can do this with selected Apple models, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3.

Note: In update touch ID, You have to set for more than 2 and up to five scanned finger, If possible as a Touch ID.


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Handoff: How to setup and use Handoff on Mac Yosemite and iOS 8.

Step to Remove or Update Touch ID fingerprints in iPhone and iPad: iOS 7 and iOS 8

Step 1: Launch the setting app and Move to general option.

Step 2: inside the general option, Tap on Touch ID & Password option.

Step 3: Now to this screen you can see the list of the entire scanned finger set in past.Edit or Update Touch ID fingerprints running on iPhone 6/ 5S and iPad

Step 4: Tap on figure name you had set. From top of the screen, Tap on Edit option.

Rescan your finger by tap on hold on home button. To scan your finger you don’t press or move down button. When scan complete you feel slight auto vibrate.

Now you have been Update Touch ID fingerprints in device.

For Remove/ Turn off/ Deleting Touch ID fingerprint in iPhone, iPad: iOS 8

Disable Touch ID is big decision for you because now you must Setup Passcode to protect iTunes store, Apple Pay and lock screen.

Go to the Setting > General > Touch ID and Password

Under the “Use Touch ID for” Section, Disable/ Turn off toggle for iPhone unlock, Apple Pay, iTunes & App store.Remove or Delete touch ID from iPhone and iPad

Now your iDevice is free from Touch ID lock and security.

Show me for finger print scanner app lock for iPhone and iPad.

For extra helps and Trouble guide refer apple.

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