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Unfortunately, you have saved your website login details (Username and Password) in your safari, Chrome web browser on OS X. Now you are worried about how to delete or remove saved passwords in Safari Mac OS X settings. Most of the forums, Social side, and Bank account must be secure from your end; in this case, no one can log in directly by autofill login dateless when they visit from your Mac. So time to time, you have to check, By mistake, you saved any username and password on Mac or not.   

Note: this way, you can fix the problem on auto-filled login details for a particular website when you visit or open it by someone you can remove.

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Steps to Disable Saved Password in Safari Mac that Stop Showing Autofill Usernames and Passwords

MacOS Ventura:- Autofill Password in Safari Settings

Step 1:- Open Safari On Mac. from top Menu, Safari > Settings…

Safari settings on Mac

Step 2:- Select Autofill Tab > and uncheck “Usernames and passwords“.

Autofill Tab on Safari settings on Mac

Step 3:- That’s it.

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Step 4:- To Remove the Saved Password from the Safari Password list, Select Password Tab > Select Password details, Click on the [-] button to delete it. That’s it.

Remove From saved Password on Safari Mac

Step 5:- Confirm the Delete.

MacOS Monterey:- Autofill Password on Mac Settings

  • Step 1: Go to the Spotlight search and find safari. and Open it.
  • Step 2: Next, From the top menu Safari > Preference.Go to the Safari Preference on Mac OS X
  • Step 3: Move to Password from top tab options. Enter your Mac System password to authenticate successfully.
View All Saved Password list on Mac from icloud keychain
View All Saved Password list on Mac from the iCloud keychain
  • To Stop All Websites use Autofill Username and Password
  • Go with Autofill Tab and Uncheck the Options for Website’s Username and Password or Credit Card details.
Use Auto fill Web forms for Credit cards and Login details on mac Safari
Use Autofill Webforms for Credit cards and Login details on mac Safari: Uncheck it
  • Step 4: Where you can check for individual website URL by search name inside the search box.
  • Step 5: From this password setting pane you can See password and remove data (Username and Password) for selected website title.
  • Select and Remove Saved Password on Mac
    Select and Remove Saved Password on Mac
    • Tap on Remove from the list of Saved Passwords on Safari Mac and iCloud Keychain also.
    Remove Saved Password complately from icloud Keychain
    Remove Saved Password completely from iCloud Keychain
    • For See the password, Just select the website name and Enable “Show Passwords for Selected Websites” > Enter the login password for verification.
    • To remove the saved passwords in Safari Mac OS X, press the “remove” button. clear all lists and click on “Remove All”.

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    Enable/Disable System-Wide Autofill Password on Mac

    Autofill password also works on installed apps, and software on your Mac. Has to be required to sign in manually at once to access the app Like the Photo editing app, Or any other tools. Follow the below steps to manage it on mac, You can reset this Option if autofill passwords not working on Mac.

    1. Open System Settings on Mac under the Apple Logo from the top menu.
    2. Select Passwords > Enter your Mac Login password to verify,
    3. Click on Password Options and Enable the AutoFill Passwords toggle.autofill-passwords-option-on-mac
    4. That’s it.
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    Stop Autofill Usernames and Password that your Safari Showing Saved Password, on Mac

    We can stop autofill saved Password on Safari Mac running the latest macOS. That Prevents unauthorized login of our Saved Password account on a Mac.

    1. Open Safari on Mac.
    2. From the top menu, Safari > Preferences.
    3. Next, Click on the Password tab.
    4. Then, Enter the Password to authorize changes. Find another option is “Autofill Usernames and PasswordsUncheck this option and That’s it.
    Stop your Mac Safari Showing Saved Password
    Stop your Mac Safari Showing Saved Password

    Same option available in Google chrome

    1. Go to the Google Chrome and open it, from the top menu Chrome > Preferences > Find passwords and Forms > Manage Passwords.
    2. Remove saved password in Chrome, click on the “X” mark showing infant of the name of the website.

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    You have successfully removed the saved password in Safari Mac or Stop Autofill Usernames and Passwords on Safari Mac. Stile getting stuck on finding an option for that touch with us; we will be glad to assist you.

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