How to remove unnecessary Data from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Sometime not required data take space in your iDevice iTunes. It’s we can say ‘’other data’’. Sometimes you synchronize your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with Mac, iTunes at the moment you notice that other data in your iTunes space. Don’t worries you are not alone for extra occupies space in your iTunes of iDevice but lot off user have this problem. Look step for remove unnecessary data and feel better after follow it. Even you can see also in below figure.

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Other data in iPhone, iPad and iPodtouch, Remove unnecessary Data

Other data in iPhone, iPad and iPodtouch, Remove unnecessary Data

ITunes other data are like Safari browser bookmarks & history, Text messages involve it multimedia message, Notes, Calendars entry, voice memos, Contact Image and so many data.

You should wait for to see other data array it in between 250 MB to 1 GB. Other data are not mysterious data. Whatever you want remove unnecessary data then look and focus on below step.


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How to Remove unnecessary (other) Data from iDevice: running on iOS 7.1.1, iOS 7.1.2 and previous iOS version

There are many way for remove other data from iTunes and feeling better to previous after catch on it.

Step 1

Goes in to

Open Settings –>> General –>> Usage

Hit for remove other data on iOS device .bmp

Hit for remove other data on iOS device

Here howtoisolve available space is 10.2 GB

Step 2

Now, focus on very large apps; it takes more space like social media apps Facebook or watsapp.its compare to apps document and data size to real size. You have to decide that either it should delete some data of apps or reinstall apps.

Here I’m say that actual and document and data size of the apps both are different. You can mark it after seen apps on your iPhone data Usage screen. Apps size written near to icon is less compare to document and data size, this document and data size is big it’s stored other data that’s why this is huge. Due to browser history, logos, caches of images and videos and files of apps in which database stored. This all things are better for remove unnecessary data from iOS device.

Apps whatsapp take more space

Apps whatsapp take more space

Therefore iOS doesn’t come with button for clear this other data.

But I’m given here tips for wipe it.

1. First of all take back up of all data through the iTunes; as well as iCloud is also one way for you take for Back up.

2. Check sure that you got backup successfully and it not decides after check even single time but I’m think it should check triple time.

3. Now reset your iOS device: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings


look your iPhone reset option

look your iPhone reset option

Delete voice memo

If you record voice memo in your iOS device then it’s a longer time its take also more memory of the iDevice. This is for remove unnecessary data from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Hit voice memo >> hit on individual memo >> push on read Delete Button >> keep this process continue for each voice memo which you want to delete >> last reboot your iDevice.

  • Reduce E-mail retention time

Hit on Settings >> click mail, contacts, calendar >> select your email account >> scrolling to bottom where ‘’Mail days to Sync“and select it. >> adjust the setting to lower length time. >> In last reboot your iOS device.

Setting Pics for Reduce Email retention time for iOS Devices

Setting Pics for Reduce Email retention time for iOS Devices

Wipe your iOS Devices Safari browser Cookies, history and data

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Point should be noted:-

keep in mind that if you do clear the cache that you will lose login information & saved web settings and any open windows will be shut.

After complete above all step connect your iPhone to iTunes and restore all backed up.

Note: you can use another grate way it’s a  PhoneClean this one is a straightforward way for you if want to remove other data from your iPhone.

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