How to Reopen Recently Closed Tab on iPhone, iPad Safari or Clear/ Delete Recent History

For internet surfer iPhone, iPad users. here is the easy guide on if you closed the safari/ Chrome browsing tab closed, unfortunately. There is no quick and easy option to reopen the closed safari tab especially. For that case, google chrome has an easy option to reopen recently closed tab on iPhone, iPad. Many folks astonishment on, Apple doesn’t give the option for what about if I closed opened or working windows from mobile safari. So for new users, quite addle but very easy if you follow the below instruction in order.

Follow the Below steps supported on all iPhone models, iPhone 11(Pro Max), iPhone Xr, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8(8 Plus), iPhone 7(7 Plus), iPhone 6S/5S/SE, iPad.

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Steps for Reopen Recently Closed Tab URLs on iPhone, iPad: iOS device

Here I explained with an example, that you should apply on your safari iOS for relaunch closed URL.

  • Step 1: Go to the Safari app on iPhone, iPad.
  • Step 2: Open two or more website URLs at once by press the left bottom overlapped two square icons.

    Safari Tab Switcher icon on Safari iPhone
    Safari Tab Switcher icon on Safari iPhone
  • Next, press and hold ‘+’ icon continuously, until you see below screen with a list of recently closed tabs.

    Find all Recents tab on iPhone safari iPhone app
    Find all Recents tab on the iPhone safari iPhone app
  • repeat step 3 until you open all closed tab in safari. relaunched links automatically removed from a recently closed list.
  • To Delete From Recently Closed Tabs, Swipe URL to Left and Delete the URL.

    Delete Tab from Recent Safari on iPhone
    Delete Tab from Recent Safari on iPhone
  • For iPad, You can see ‘+‘ icon at the top right safari browser near to the link bar. Apple made this change with iOS 8 and later on.

Google Chrome: Reopen recently closed tab on iPhone, iPad

From any Windows, you can open the recently closed page from top right dotted menu icon.

Next, Recent Tabsgoogle chrome iOS app, recently closed tab

Google chrome app is a stunning app for secure and fast browsing. you haven’t use try once on my personal recommendation. It gives an outstanding feel like browsing on my big screen iMac safari. Easy swipe from one tab to another.

Useful: remotely sign out iCloud from all devices.

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