How to reset cellular data usage on iPhone 6, 6 Plus: iOS 8

Now, you can track all data usage as a history from your iPhone setting app. You don’t need to use any third party application or official cellular company app for watch your billed/ Used data usage. Want to track old data usage history during the time on reset it in past. Means, after reset you can create new session for data usage. So that case you need to reset cellular data usage on iPhone or iPad.reset cellular data usage on iPhone, iPad and iPod

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Steps for reset cellular data usage on iPhone, iPad: iOS 8

Step 1: go to the Setting app.

Step 2: Next, Tap on Cellular option.

Step 3: Then, Move last of the screen,

Step 4: Tap on Blue text “Reset Statistics”.Reset all data used in your device

Note: If you want keep old data usage on reference purpose that takes Screen shot in iPhone. After follow this steps you don’t have any option about retrieve back cellular data usage statistics on your iOS device back.

For reset cellular data usage on iPhone you don’t have to take backup of your device, or worried about your data stored within installed app or network setting.

For all the types of cellular data network should be same: 2G, 3G or LTE. So please Note that. Don’t be confuse and it’s not depends on your Cellular companies (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Vodafone, O2, Orange and idea)

If you want check from which time you reset this statistics, Then Date will given as a Last reset time on your device screen at the beneath of the screen.

Then, you can take action for disable particular app that makes your internet speed slow, Now you can disable and improve surfing speed.

All the best and happy surfing for your new session, now you track all the data usage within your iPhone, iPad correctly, still are you facing problem on reset cellular data usage on iPhone, iPad running on iOS 8/ iOS 7.