How to reset note password in iPhone, iPad: iOS 10

Not any noticeable changes or updates for iOS 10 notes app, This time apple not added any changes for Password Security, Designs and Settings. So you can use the same for this note app likes before in iOS 9. Have a look how we can set password in iOS 10 Notes app, Reset or Change existing password with new one, Remove Password from Note saved in notes app. Also what we can do, If we forgot old password protected note. Still Reset note password in iPhone/ iPad very interesting to use.

Are you think about set password on note app in your iPhone/ iPad, So it’s good option but you can set it on your responsibility and User Skill (Mark with Easy to understand Hint text or Enable Touch ID for open not in place of password)

Steps for Remove/ Reset note password in iPhone/ iPad: iOS 10

Reset note password in iPhone, iPad with iOS 10

Once you set password for any note, you can’t reset or remove from apple’s help. This password is only Save in your device for the security reason. That’s we can’t recover using forgot option.

1: Go to the Settings app in iPhone/ iPad.

2: Scroll Down screen, Tap on Notes.

3: Next, Tap on Password.

Reset Note password in setting

Here, For reset Tap on “Reset Password”. Enter Apple ID password for make changes. Follow the on screen instruction,

Enter New password, Verify password and Import Hint field. Or Enable Touch ID if you agree

Reset and add new password for new note

Update or Change Password in iOS Notes App

Change Password on notes app option under setting helpful to update old password. New password only applicable to new notes. That will not reflect on existing notes saved with old Password. But you can apply new password after open first time, Popup will ask for apply new password on note.

Update Old password in notes app

Now, Enable password on note, Open note in notes app > Tap on Share icon at top right > Lock Note from Sharing popup

Enable Password for note in Notes app: iOS 10

Have you any question on Remove/ Change or Reset note password in iPhone, iPad running on iOS 10, Comment me on comment section.