Guide to set up and use Respond with Text messages on iPhone

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From your iPhone, iPad incoming calls respond with text automatically when you don’t want to accept the call or due to some circumstances or when you are in Meeting or Driving time. Apple gave a truly incredible option to send text responses automatically directly from your caller’s screen.

Make ready text message template for send quickly to your caller by simple one tap. If you don’t want to turn it on do not disturb, so this is a middle solution for your problem like, Don’t talk by send notification about you without receive call and talk with them.

Useful: How to turn on or turn off Predictive text

Steps on how to respond with text from iPhone, iPad automatically or manually

  • Step 1: Go to the settings app from the iPhone.
  • Step 2: Next, under the setting tap on Phone.
Send respond with text from device
  • Step 3: Now, Under the calls section go with respond with Text.
respond with text in iPhone, iPad running on iOS 8
  • Step 4: Here, you can create three different sample templates, that’s all available at the time of response on the incoming call screen. Keep ready three texts, no limitations in text length.

in more user’s satisfaction apple also gave the option for sending custom messages that depend on situations we can send in a text.

Popular text much useful for all situations: Sorry I can’t receive a call right now, I am on the way, I will call back you later; give more time I will check and call back to you soon.

See the below screen, when you will receiver call, Just tap on Message over the call accept button. Then, you will see different options as text templates. Press on it, your caller receive iMessage or Text message instantly on iPhone. To say some other text, tap on custom and send it.

Note: if iMessage is activated in your iOS device then you will bo no charge by carrier otherwise it will charge depending on the carrier.

iPhone Respond with text ideas

Auto-reply text message example for Vacation mode

I’m on vacation right now and may not attend your calls and texts. I’ll contact you back after [date/month/year].

I’m currently driving and will get your message when I arrive at my destination. if your message is time sensitive reply with “urgent” and your original message will be brought to my attention or you can call me. This is an automated reply.

As we know,
phone + car = Fire
DND and Thumb

My magic phone Is pretty sure I’m driving, which means it’s in the glove box all alone. I’ll get back to your Very important Message when the vehicle is stopped. need to Chat? Call and Experience the wonder of [Car Bluettoh name]

Very useful hidden features Must use when you want to send an instant text message, contacts number as incoming call respond with a text message.

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