How to save iOS 9 Battery on iPhone, iPad: improve battery life

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

iOS 9 comes with low power mode, Still many iOS 9 beta users faced problem on battery drained dramatically on iPhone and iPad. And you are worrying about battery problem in iOS 9, and then try below alternate options to save iOS 9 battery on iPhone and iPad. Compare to iOS 8, Apple gave more stunning options for stop battery usage by Enable/Disable background process on running app, networks fetching (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile data, Personal Hotspot), Push Notification from Mail, App, Display and Brightness, Wallpaper, Touch on screen, Background location.

In iOS 9 beta released you can manage below setting that can affect your iPhone or iPad battery life with iOS 9.

Possible ways for save iOS 9 Battery on iPhone and iPad: Battery improvement tips

Let’s see how iOS user control on Battery power usage, before your iPhone goes sleep or turn off, you must follow the below ways for maximize battery use on very low power storage.

Disable Background network converge finder

Under the setting app, you can see all the option about network, Like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile, Personal Hotspot. If you don’t use any of the wireless service then disable it manually. Most of the folk feel contrasting to do this, but you have to do it because searching can use more power compare to other activity.

Setting > Bluetooth > Disable toggleSave iOS 9 Battery on iPhone and iPad

And For mobile Data > Voice > 2G, 3G, 4G (Higher data load speed can improve battery life)

Notification Setting

Under the notification, you have option for customize which apps allow notification in notification centre. And you can do it manually.Push notification setting on iOS 9

Setting > Notifications > Choose application and Disable it for showing notification

Siri, Handoff

If you are not using Siri and Handoff features, (iOS 9 improved siri amazingly so you must use siri in iOS 9 then disable it. Setting > General > Siri/ Handoff (Disable siri)Disable/ Enable Handoff in iOS 9

Background app refresh

Today’s Most of the apps gone online, so app always alert new updates about apps, Feed in your notification. For Not needed app you must disable Background app refresh. General > Background App Refresh for all apps or selected app

Auto Lock duration and Brightness

If possible try to set auto like time minimum, So your screen automatically turn off and stop battery used by screen light. More brightness consumes more battery power, So set for Auto Brightness or minimum level. Setting > Display & Brightness


Save iOS 9 Battery on iPhone and iPad, you have to stop vibrate on ring, Silent mode, Lock sound and Keyboard click, if possible. Setting > Sound

Low power mode – New in iOS 9

In single click you can stop all activity those used more power in Network related, Fetch Mail, Background App refresh, animated picture effect.

Settings > Battery > Disable low power mode

Location Service

Turn off all types of location service (Mostly location services uses GPS, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth and mobile tower location).

Setting > Privacy > Location service

Stop fitness tracking in background

Built in Health app in iPhone automatically track your movement on road and Body movement also. If you didn’t use heath app then you should disable it.

General > Privacy > Motion & Fitness > Disable fitness tracking

Disable push notification on Mail, Calendar and Social media

Customize for Data coming on Mail app, New and Video channel feed in the form of notifications. By turning on this option server can’t send the alert on your iPhone or iPad.

General > Mail, Contacts Calendars > Fetch New Data > Push (Disable it)

For this time, that’s it. On more new updates on iOS 9 we will updates you very soon, kindly connect with us on social media (Google+, FaceBook or Twitter). And also share your point view on Save iOS 9 Battery on iPhone and iPad in comment area.

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