How to Save Photo and Videos from Dropbox to iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac in 2024

Dropbox is one of the most powerful and easy to use tool to transfer or share media, Documents or Photos to any other device over cloud storage, So millions of active users are transferring data over dropbox. So you can download a file from you’re your or another account to any multiplatform devices. Here I am talking about how to download photos from Dropbox to your iPhone and iPad, Mac, and PC Computer.

Note: if you know that without iTunes or Third-party software/ Application you can’t transfer data from Mac/ PC to any other iOS device. But you can do it by using Dropbox. First off upload a file from your Mac/ PC to dropbox account (in Trial 5GB free space available).

Useful: Save photo to Dropbox from the camera, directly

Then install the dropbox app in the iOS device, where you would like to save it and access it in offline mode.

Steps to Save Photo and Video from Dropbox to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

  • Step #1. Let’s open the latest DropBox App on your iOS device.
  • Step #2. after that, tap the Files tab that is located lower-left hand Dropbox app tap files tab and tap more option next to the photos or video to save picture or videos from Dropbox to iPhone iPad mac computer PC
  • Step #3. Now on this screen, you can see all kinds of media likely Photos and videos. let’s find a video or picture that you would like to download from dropbox to your Apple iDevice.

    Hint: you can search media with sort by Modified, Sort by name, Sort by Size, and Sort by media with sort by Modified, Sort by name, Sort by Size, and Sort by Type to save pic from dropbox to iPhone

  • Step #4. After finding media, tap MORE (three dots) option next to the media, so you’ll get a popup screen.

  • Step #5. Navigate Export and Tap it.
  • Step #6. Another screen will open, Let’s Tap Save image.Tap Export and tap save image from dropbox to your Apple iPhone iPad
    Saving complete with percentage counting startimage saving process running when save picture from dropbox to iphone or ipadSaved to Photos.
    That’s it!

How to Find a Picture on your iPhone that is saved from Dropbox

After saving pictures from dropbox to iPhone, you can find it in the Photos app.

  • Step #1. open the Photos App from the Phone home screen.
  • Step #2. Tap Albums
  • Step #3. Tap Recentsopen photos app and tap albums then tap recent albums to get save picture from dropbox to iPhone in photos app
  • Step #4. Look at the last picture that you have Saved from the dropbox.saved picture that is downloaded from Dropbox to your iPhone or iPad

if you Can’t Find a Downloaded Pic from Dropbox. Please scroll down the screen on Photos App’s recent album and make sure that it the last image that you have seen.

Can’t Save Picture from Dropbox to iPhone

why my iPhone is not saving an image from Dropbox? There are certain reasons that let’s see the bottom bullet point.

Not Sufficient Storage Space on Your iOS or iPadOS device
To solve this issue, make free up space on your iPhone or iPad. [Try this tutorial to make ample space]

How to Download Pic from Dropbox to PC Computer or Apple Mac

  • Step #1. Open on your Mac, PC or Laptop Computer web browser.
  • Step #2. Enter Dropbox User ID and password
  • Step #3. Now you can see the home screen on dropbox along with Files on it you’ve been working on, starred and recent files.
    as well as sidebar options – Click on Filesclick on Files on Dropbox Online to save picture from Dropbox to pc online
  • Step #4. Now on pick any media file that you would like to download on your computer. Click on More (three dots) option so a screen appears with Download on more option on Dropbox online on web computer mac pc or laptop
  • Step #5. Click on Download and choose the path where you want to put a dropbox picture or video or audio on your PC or on download to save picture or audio from Dropbox online to pc or mac
  •  Step #6. Click on the Save on save button

That’s it.

Note: in the case file type not supporting to an iOS device, then you can see a message like your device not support this file type, so you can’t save or download from dropbox. Ex, MOV video file format can’t download/ Save from dropbox to iPhone, iPad.

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