How to Save Webpage as PDF on iPad, iPhone, Mac: iOS 9

Generally, the people uses Air printer to print on iPhone, iPad. But if you haven’t a printing machine and your iOS device (iPad or iPad) default web browser is Safari and want to save webpage as PDF on iPad, iPhone or Mac then you not needed any third-party app to do that. Because latest Safari browser of iOS has been revamped by the tech company; since now the tool has built-in function to print webpage as PDF format to read in future. Even though, for those users who having no idea how to save webpage as PDF on iPad, iPhone or Mac OS X El Capitan. Don’t worry, we offered following instructions that remove all your confusion concerning to print web page.

Useful article for the college students and reading lovers who wanted to save an important article, story and like to know ideas, unique information etc. on his/her iPad/iPhone or Mac OS X.

Quite Easy way to Save Webpage as PDF on iPad, iPhone: iOS 9

Save Webpage as PDF on iPad, iPhone

Pre-requisite: installed latest version of Safari browser and good speed internet connection Wi-Fi or Cellular data (LETE, 3G) doesn’t matter. Same way for All Apple iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad pro, iPhone 6S/6S Plus and earlier iPhone’s. Cool way to save a web page for Offline reading on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Step 1. Launch Safari on iPad, iPhone.

Step 2. Search the Webpage of your choice.

Step 3. Now tap on Share button from bottom on the Screen, you can see in given screen.

Step 4. Touch on Save PDF to iBooks.

save Webpage as PDF on iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini

That’s it.

Wait until your iOS device preparing Webpage to PDF print. After that your iPad will automatically let you on iBook App. So you can read that in future and in your free time as offline reading. if you don’t want to store that for at long time then you can delete.

Steps to Save Webpage as PDF Safari Mac OS X EI Capitan, Yosemite

After learned above way, you need to know everything about Mac safari browser features. Out of all functionalities, to Save Webpage as PDF Safari Mac is a useful element. Similarly, iOS, Apple’s Mac Safari allows save an online page for offline reading ease. Learn following steps to save to do that.

Step 1. Launch Safari and Open the web page of your choice.

Step 2. launch the Print menu (Command + P).

Step 3. Click on the PDF button → Save as PDF.

Step 4. Choose the filename and target source for your new PDF file.

Step 5. Click on Save.

You’re done.

Please share your thought and tell in the comment, how you seems both tips for iPhone and Mac – Save Webpage as PDF on iPad, iPhone; Save Webpage as PDF Safari Mac (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac), respectively.