How to set own shortcut on iPhone, iPad – iOS 7, iOS 8

Set own shortcut on iPhone, so shortcut customization is extremely easy in your iPhone and iPad using this iOS tricks. None technical person also set own shortcut for easy access direct from your home screen. Using this Quick Activator Cydia apps in your jailbreak iOS device you can cast your own shortcut icon in access control. Quick Activator also giving sight to access any operation in your iPhone and iPod, like open mostly used apps, Opening menu, Composing tweets and updates Facebook status directly from home screen in very short time.

Set own shortcut on iPhone: Access Control icon
Set own shortcut on iPhone: Access Control icon

Present icon under the access control can be customized using this activator also. QuickActivator tweak gives advance functionality in access control as of your settings.

How to set own shortcut on iPhone, Customized shortcut Functionality

You can use this iOS tricks in your jailbreak iOS device with Cydia app store. From the Cydia app store search “QuickActivator” and install it.

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At first you have to install Quickactivator in your iOS device, after installing Quickactivator you can manage shortcut icon, actions on icon, Hold time to open apps from the control access.

Step 1: Go to setting from your app browser.

Step 2: Click on QuickActivator tab inside the setting option.

Step 3: You first screen in side QuickActivator given in blow. From there Tap on shortcut tab.

Set own shortcut on iPhone: QuickActivator
Set own shortcut on iPhone: QuickActivator

Step 4: Default shortcut will be show in this screen that’s available in access control. In place of default shortcut you can change your own apps action, with tap on it.

Another option is Hold action: Using this option you can set another app action, when you hold continuously.

Hold duration: You can also set hold duration within 0.1 sec to 1 sec. using this, you can open app after holding for that time duration.

After done this, So you can enjoy two operation or open two different apps on (tap) and (tap and hold) for single icon under the access control.

Other options inside the QuickActivator app are Enable paging, Shortcut per page, Open to front page.

Paging decrease the confusion level and customization in single page

Enable paging: with this option, you can move one page to another. For that you don’t have to give number for pages.

Shortcut per page: in this option you have to give number of shortcut that you want on each page. Shortcut number 3 more convenient as compare to 4. With 3 shortcuts on page you can easily access each icon.

Open to front page: when you are access control, you can start with home icon only. After scrolling it you are able to open another app from another page’s icon.

To more You can see below video tutorial on “Set own shortcut on iPhone and iPad”.


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