How to Use SIM PIN on Apple iPhone and Cellular iPads to Prevent Contacts Misuse

Tips for Activate a SIM PIN, Set up SIM PIN on iPhone and Celluar iPad models. First, know what the SIM PIN actually is. SIM PIN is one type of SIM Lock by entering four digits SIM PIN that your SIM Card contacts Even if your phone lost anywhere or stolen, then you can avoid misuse of your SIM Card by a thief. Once SIM PIN created, in case you remove your SIM card and insert it into another phone then you’ll get a pop-up to Enter your right SIM PIN. otherwise, the contacts inside the sim are useless.

Are iPhone passcode linked to SIM?

No, iPhone passcode and sim pin lock both are separate codes. Sim pin lock is carrier side. so the sim pin option appears after you put the sim card on your phone. and then, you will have to set a unique pin-lock to your sim card lock. in this post, I’ll explain how to set up sim pin for single sim and dual sim iPhone models.

Way to Lock sim card on your iPhone

For this, your carrier sim card must be inserted into your Phone sim card tray. Make sure your carrier bars appear on the top status bar. if it shows that means card inserted. ok well, let’s dive to the bottom steps and activate sim lock to prevent your Sim contact access by someone else.

What is the default SIM PIN for iPhone?

  • Verizon default sim pin iPhone – 1111
  • AT&T SIM card default PIN code –1111
  • For Sprint and T-Mobile card default PIN code is – 1234

Steps to Set up SIM PIN ON the phone

  1. open the Settings App
  2. Scroll the screen tap Celluar
  3. Next Click on your Carrier name, for example, At&t
  4. Hit to SIM PIN
  5. on the screen appear, toggle next to the SIM PIN option
    turn toggle SIM PIN green.
  6. Now enter your carrier default PIN, given the above in this post.
  7. here I enter 1111 because it is the default SIM pin for at&t and T-mobile users.
  8. After Enter digits tap Done.

That’s it.
now your SIM card is activated with the PIN Code that you have Set up right now.

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How to Change SIM PIN on iPhone

  1. Open the Settings App
  2. Click Celluar
  3. Choose Carrier
  4. Hit on SIM PIN
  5. Tap Change PIN
  6. Enter Current PIN to set a new one.
  7. Tap DONE and set a NEW PIN that you only can remember
  8. next Confirm NEW PIN
  9. and in the last Tap DONE to Save

That’s it.

Your SIM PIN changed. Now to unlock the SIM PIN you will have to enter the new SIM PIN code that you have set up.

How to Remove SIM PIN on iPhone

follow the bottom steps if you would like to turn off the SIM PIN on your Apple mobile.

  1. Launch the SETTINGS App
  2. on the screen tap Celluar
  3. Next Click on your Carrier name, if you have a dual sim iPhone (a physical SIM and E-SIM carrier iPhone) please choose a correct carrier
  4. Hit to SIM PIN
  5. on the screen, turn toggle SIM PIN OFF.
  6. Let’s Enter the SIM PIN that you have set up to unlock SIM.
    you have just 3 attempts remaining. if enter the wrong digits 3 times then your phone sim will block and then after the process becomes difficult.
  7. After entering the correct SIM PIN.

Your Phone SIM PIN will remove.

That’s it.

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A Caveat – what happens if you are entering Three times incorrectly SIM PIN then your SIM card gone into the PUK (Personal Unblocking Key).

You may need to open a PUK to enable your SIM card again. Refer to the SIM Card documentation or contact your carrier.

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