How to Setup Apple ID Recovery Key on Mac and iPhone: Edit, Re-Generate, Turn off..

Recovery Keys are helpful when you want to reset the Apple ID password. Learn how to generate recovery key on Mac, iPhone.

To add an extra layer of security for Apple ID, you can use the Two-Factor Authentication as well as Recovery Codes to prevent the account from being locked & Disable. When you don’t have access to Trusted Device, resetting Apple ID Password is possible by quickly using recovery modes. Recovery Key is a 28-Character code that generates automatically in the system and is provided to you; with the help of the recovery key, you can reset the Apple ID Password.

However, once the recovery key is generated, you’ll have to keep it secure so that no one can access it and reset your Apple ID Password. However, you can let your recovery keys to your trusted family member; even if you lose the recovery keys, they can give you them.

How to Generate Recovery Key for iCloud in iPhone, Mac?

Settings up the recovery key in iPhone, iPad, and Mac is quite a short process once you have internet connectivity. Let’s see how to generate a recovery key for iCloud in iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac.

In MacOS:

  1. Click on the Apple menu. > Select System Preferences.
  2. Go to the Apple ID option.> Click on Account
  3. Select Password & Security > Under Acount Recovery “Edit”.manage-account-recovery-key-on-mac
  4. Again Click on Edit next to Recovery Key Option.edit-account-recovery-key-to-turn-on-for-your-apple-id-account
  5. Turn On Recovery Key. turn-on-recovery-key-for-apple-id
  6. > Click Use Recovery Key.use-recovery-key-for-recover-apple-id-or-icloud-account
  7. Enter your mac login password, verify-your-mac-login-password
  8. When Recovery Key shows up, note it down safely or Take a Screenshot picture on Mac – “Shift + Command + 4”.note-recovery-key-or-download-key
  9. Re-Enater Recovery key to verify and click on done. Select Done.verify-and-done
  10. Now, You can use This secure Recovery key for Recovery your Apple ID from Mac or Other apple device that’s signed in with same apple device.account-recovery-key-is-created-for-recover-your-icloud-service-and-apple-id-account-if-blocked-or-disabled

If you wish to turn off the Recovery key option for your Apple ID account then follow the same step, and Turn it off, without verifying your Recovery key. Follow the below steps for Disable your Apple ID account Recovery key.

  1. Click on the Apple menu. > Select System Preferences.
  2. Go to the Apple ID option.> Click on Account Details.
  3. Select Password & Security > Under Acount Recovery “Edit” > Again Click on Edit next to Recovery Key Option.edit-recovery-key-to-turn-off-on-mac
  4. Select “Turn off” Option. Now, your Recovery key is inactive and will not use for verify your identity if you forget your Apple ID password.turn-off-recovery-key-to-disable
  5. Verify your Mac login password. turn-off-recovery-key
  6. Click on Allow. enter-mac-login-password-to-verify
  7. That’s it.

In iOS/iPadOS Devices:

Follow the same steps for creating a new account Recovery key on your iPhone, iPad. and Make your account more secure.

  1. Open the Settings app on iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Tap on your name.
  2. Go to Password &
  3. Go to Account Recovery Option and > Tap on Recovery Key to manage it.create-a-recovery-key-for-apple-id
  4. If asked, enter the Apple ID Password.
  5. Enable Recovery Key toggle option > Select use Recovery key Option.use-recovert-key-for-your-apple-id-account
  6. Select Use Recovery Key, and enter the passcode. When you see Recovery Key, note it down somewhere safe. or Take a Screenshot of iPhone screen [Press Side Sleep/Wake + Volume Down button at once]your-apple-id-recovery-key-for-recover-apple-account
  7. Enter the recovery key and close the process. Final screen is for Disable Recovery key for your apple id account or Create a new one if you forgot old or Knows someone.verify-recovery-key-or-create-a-new-one-or-delete-recovery-key

How to Regenerate New Recovery Key for Apple ID?

Can’t locate the recovery keys? You can re-generate the new recovery keys to reset the Apple ID Password. Let’s see how to regenerate the new recovery keys for Apple ID.

  1. Visit the page on any web browser.
  2. Click on Manage your Apple ID.
  3. Enter the Apple ID and Password to sign in.
  4. You can select any verification method to verify the identity.
  5. You might be asked to enter the verification code that was sent to your trusted device or in a text message.
  6. Select Password and Security.
  7. Click Replace Lost Key > Next.
  8. Now save a copy of the new recovery keys.

Do I need a Recovery key For Disable Recovery Key on Mac or iPhone?

No, the Apple Device owner can disable the Recovery from any apple device that’s signed in with its own apple id. Follow the above steps to turn off the Recovery key from mac or iPhone/iPad using a Device password or passcode. if you feel that, your Key is lost or Knows someone then create a new one and the old key will inactive automatically.

How to Download Recovery Key again? after forgot or misplaced

No, iPhone or Mac users can’t download the recovery key again but can generate a new recovery key and Download it for future use.

Can apple Re-Generate Recovery Key for my Mac or iPhone?

Yes, Follow the Same steps explained above for Mac and iPhone. and Create a New Recovery key in the Edit option.

Can I Recover the Recovery key on Mac or iPhone?

No, we can’t recover the old Recovery key, but Re-generate a new one and Disable the old Recovery key automatically.

Can I create a new Recovery key after losing the old one or someone knows it?

Yes, Edit the recovery key option and Create a new one.

Help from Apple

Write a comment for more help and solution on your account recovery methods. Want more assistance from apple’s help then you can contact apple support nearby or Book Appointment online at apple genius bar.

Also Helpful!

The Apple ID account Recovery method now divided into two options, Either the Recovery key explained in this tutorial and another Option is using Contact. Whitelist contacts for the Apple ID Recovery process. As recovery personal, we can select 13+ age Family members from family sharing or send invitations to any contact as account recovery. here’s a full tutorial on How to add Account Recovery contacts to an Apple ID account.

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