How to Setup/ Use Different Apple ID in iTunes and iCloud

In single iOS device, Setup with two different apple ID in iTunes and iCloud make more benefits in some critical situations. So user can purchase with one Apple ID all time instead of other and the other end, Access full iCloud files and folders and more through old (or new) account. In iTunes, Main benefit is that, you can buy or purchase through single Apple ID in your Device or your Family device. If you don’t want to use family sharing features and setup then you must obey below alternative tips given in this article.

Note: if you use separate purchase Apple ID, after purchase made on another device then didn’t miss to logout your account before leave device.

You can try this way on iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6/ 5, Also in Mac or Windows Computer.

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Steps for Setup/ Use Different Apple ID in iTunes and iCloud: iPhone, iPad and Mac/ PC

Setup in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: iOS 8/ iOS 7

Step 1: For iCloud, go to the Settings App.

Step 2: Then, Tap on iCloud and Enter correct Apple ID and Password.

Step 3: For iTunes store, go to the Setting App.

Note: if you are already logged in, then tap on Apple ID and choose Sign Out option. Otherwise go with step 4.

Step 4: Next, Tap on iTunes and App stores. Enter Apple ID and Password for purchase.

In this apple ID you don’t want to submit credit card data again and again for all new logged in devices.

Setup on Mac/ PC: try Different Apple ID in iTunes and iCloud

Step 1: For iCloud setup on Mac, Go to the Apple Menu > System Preference > iCloud

For windows 8: Search Control panel in search box by moving your mouse course on upper right side of the screen. And Then Network and internet > iCloud

For windows 7: From start menu > Control panel > Network and internet > iCloud

Step 2: For iTunes setup on Mac and Windows PC,

Launch iTunes and sign in with purchases apple ID.

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As usual having any more suggestion on how to setup Different Apple ID in iTunes and iCloud in single iOS device or Mac/ PC comment us.