How to Share iPhone App Store App with Friend: WhatsApp, Facebook

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for easy to install the app on your friend’s iOS device, you can share app from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch through different messaging apps and Mail. Popular messaging apps are Line, WhatsApp, Facebook, Mail, iMessage, Twitter and many other Third party apps running on your iOS device. in the case, if you wanna install another device login with same Apple ID then you can reinstall purchased app directly from the app store without search all apps manually. here are the detailed steps on share iPhone app store app with a friend directly from iPhone or share all installed app and games.

Steps for Share iPhone app store app with friend alternate easy ways

Step 1: Go to the App Store app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Step 2: Find the app that you want to share with your friends or if already installed on the device then Updates > Purchased > My Purchases > List of all apps. tap on app name.

Step 3: Once you open an app in the app store > Tap on share icon from the top screen.

Step 4: Sharing popup will be appearing at the bottom, First copy URL in case if you want to share it on WhatsApp, Facebook. Then Slide social app optionsshare iPhone app store app with friend on app

Step 5: here I gave example on Whatsapp share, Tap to add a Caption. Paste copied URL there. share on twitter or facebook

Also, share a WhatsApp message to multiple contacts.

Step 6: after that, you can send it. share link on Whatsapp

As an alternate option for share iPhone app store app with friend’s device, you can try mail app, iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, Tencent Webio, Or on AirDrop.

Video to Getting Cool WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

Still any confusion on how to spread or share iPhone app store app with the friend in an easy way one click, kindly share with us on the comment. also, like our social page for more updated handpicked tips easily.
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