How to Share iPhone health data with families and friends

Technology has come a long way since the olden days. Many elements of our lives have been revolutionized by technology. From the first email in 1965 to the launch of hundreds of new apps every month in the twenty-first century, technology has been nothing short of amazing. It is fair to claim that the iPhone is not just the finest but also one of the most impactful technology in the world. Apple not only has an extensive public reach with a market of its own, but it has also spawned an app development and accessory industry. The iPhone has also supplanted laptops for several people. Apple Inc. markets the iPhone as a smartphone and takes care of its designs. The device is compatible with iOS operating system. Since then, Apple has released new models every year. And with every new model, it has introduced new ingenious features. One such feature allows you to monitor health data such as heart rate, detected falls, hours of sleep, or exercise minutes. And the best part? Users can also share this with friends and family. 

One of the more intriguing features of Apple’s new iOS is the ability to share your Health data with anyone you wish. Now, the person you’re sharing with can be anybody, from your partner, parents, to doctors. This feature will operate in a similar way to how you already share activity data – but instead, now your data can also be privy to doctors or another health professional, such as a carer for an older person if you want to. For example, you may view how active your family member was all day after establishing daily activity objectives. You can also view your family member’s health information with their consent. It will make life easier for older people since they can now skip the information shared between visits and sessions since it is already made available. However, it requires few things for the seamless transfer of information. First, this feature necessitates the establishment of a healthcare organization. Second, your doctor must be a member of a participating healthcare system.

How to see the activity report?

  • Open up the Health app on iPhone after setting up fitness objectives for your family member.
  • Under Shared Health Data, hit Browse, then tap the name of a family member.
  • Select Activity.
  • To discover how active your family member was at that time of day, tap the timeline.
  • Activity data can be seen by day, week, month, or year.

The iOS 15 will have a new sharing tab that will enable users to have complete control over the data they disclose and who they share it with. The person with whom the data is shared will see the relevant insights and highlighted patterns. The trend data is now available in the Health app. It allows 20 different types ranging from resting heart rate to sleep to aerobic fitness, thus making everything very easy and accessible. Goals can be tracked, and data from third-party apps and devices can be gathered as before, as well. The Health Records section has been simplified to make it easier to comprehend and access the data you need. 

The iOS feature is also experimenting with walking steadiness. For example, through the smartphone’s built-in motion sensors, a unique algorithm will analyze balance, stability, and synchronization as individuals walk with their iPhones. The Health app will then categorize steadiness as OK, Low, or Very Low. If a person’s stability is Low or Very Low, the iPhone can notify them, and the Health app will suggest workouts to assist them to improve their strength. Not just this, the health app will also have access to vaccine records and test results. It will thus make it easy to keep a tab on your next vaccine dose. 

Apple claims that health data is encrypted both on the device and when it is shared. Apple cannot access any data shared between the two parties. Those concerned with security and privacy issues can now relax, knowing that you can share your data easily now without care in the world. 

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