How to share personal hotspot using Bluetooth in iOS 11 iPhone and iPad

Most of the iOS users use hotspot using Wi-Fi network. Obviously, we believe iPhone cellular data internet plan is costly. So if you want to prefer hotspot use over Wi-Fi, then any number of other Wi-Fi enabled device can use your iPhone and iPad hotspot internet, in the case of you doesn’t set Hotspot password on an iOS device. Here is another alternative in case if you are in a crowd and you want to turn on hotspot, and no one can catch your hotspot range. In this case, you can use Personal hotspot using Bluetooth in iOS.

For that, you have to do hotspot set up on your iPhone and iPad for Bluetooth only. Then you can turn on internet on another device or share your hotspot internet over Bluetooth network just.

Note: in this case, you can also set hotspot password, share internet over another Bluetooth. So I recommended it first so no one can access your private hotspot internet on another Bluetooth enabled devices.

Here are steps on Share personal hotspot using Bluetooth in iOS 11 or later – iPhone and iPad

Step 1 Go to the setting app, from your iPhone and iPad.

Tap on setting app from iPhone - Personal hotspot using Bluetooth in iOS 8
Step 2

If are you doing hotspot setup first time, then you don’t show Personal hotspot option under the setting app. So tap on cellular > Cellular data network > Enter username and password (as of your choice). Otherwise, go to step 3.

Step 3

Inside setting you can see Personal hotspot option.

Personal hotspot option if already setup
Personal hotspot inside setting apps

Step 4

Again you can see Personal Hotspot option after step 3.

Personal hotspot in iPhone using Bluetooth
Tap on Personal hotspot

Step 5

In next screen again option is available for personal hotspot. From this screen, you have to change mode if it’s enabled then disable else enable.

For change hotspot status
Enable or Disable

Step 6

At the mode change time, you can see pop up for turning on Bluetooth. And make your device as a Bluetooth enable hotspot.

Tap on Turn on Bluetooth – Personal hotspot using Bluetooth in iOS devices.

from here you can choose Turn on Bluetooth
Tap on “Turn on Bluetooth”

Now you are done from source iOS device. And the other end turn on Bluetooth, Scan device list then you will see Bluetooth enable hotspot device in the list.

No one knowing this technique, in the case of your Wi-Fi device not working and facing problem to scan other Wi-Fi devices then you can enjoy internet from Personal hotspot using Bluetooth in iOS on iPhone and iPad.

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