How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 15, 14 (4 Ways)

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Apple’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery is a prominent part of Apple iOS devices. Both iPhone and iPad smart iOS 17 & earlier devices show up remaining battery percentage near the battery icon on the top menu bar, but it’s quite different ways to check on the Home button iPhone & No Home button iPhone. By helping them, the user can stay awake for the next charging.

As well as it also alerts for low battery warning and low power mode. Some instances, your iPad/ iPhone battery percentage disappears from the top menu bar. For example, aftertouch on display replacement user must reset its iPhone, or iPad to add a fingerprint on the home button.

Sometimes accidentally, changed settings did disable battery percentage. Moreover, we know how significant the battery percentage is on the top bar on our iPhones and iPad. Hence, here I will guide you on how to show battery percentage on iPhone with no physical home button and a previous iPhone running with iOS.

Ultimate Steps to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone

Methos 1: Before you go,

The Battery Percentage can be accessed from the Control Center for iPhone X or later devices. In short, if you want to check the battery percentage, bring the Control Center to the screen and look at the upper-right corner.

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Whereas for iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 8, or earlier devices, Battery Percentage appears on the top of the screen or says Status bar, though you have to enable it. Jump to the steps and enable battery percentage on the iPhone.

These steps are for the home button iPhone/iPad, Next is how to check on no Home button iPhone/iPad. Keep your iPhone updated to the latest version of iOS. Now, Follow the below steps,

  • Step 1. Launch Settings App on iPhone/ iPad.
  • Step 2. You will have to scroll down the screen and Tap on Battery appears between Touch ID & Passcode and Privacy.
  • Step 3. Turn Switch Battery Percentage ON.
Show Battery Percentage on iPhone Top Corner
Show Battery Percentage on iPhone Top Corner

That’s it.

Now lets a look at the top menu bar of your iPhone or iPad. I hope you would be getting back the disappeared battery percentage.

In case, battery percentage I already enabled; however, it does not appear next to the battery icon then restart your iPhone/ iPad.

To restart your iPhone,

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see the slide to power off then drag the on-screen button. After that, again press and hold on to the Power button until appearing Apple logo.

Method 2: No Home button iPhone Users: iPhone X or later

No Home button iPhone/iPad users can Know the battery percentage under the control center, To open the control center on the lock screen or home screen, Pull down by Swipe your finger down from the top left corner of your iPhone/iPad screen.

  • Sometimes the user can’t find the control center on the Home screen or while using the app; because the Control center is disabled for that, Check and Go to Settings > Control Center > Access Within Apps > Enable Toggle to green. That’s it.
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Now Try and check the Battery percentage on iPhone using This way,

Quickly See Battery Percentage from control center
Quickly See the Battery Percentage from the control center

Check Battery Percentage on iPad In the control center from the lock screen or home screen

You don’t need to enable any settings to make the Battery Percentage appear, by default, the Control Center will show the battery percentage on the iPad.

Show Battery Percentage on iPad
Show Battery Percentage on iPad

Furthermore, if you want to disable battery percentage on your iPhone/ iPad, go to Settings App, Tap the battery, and Turn the Toggle Battery Percentage Off.

Way 3: Battery Widget on the lock screen

Battery Widget on the lock screen. This feature is Useful To read the battery percentage for all the time in AOD (Always on Display) Mode on the supported iPhone models. For the rest of the iPhone models, touch the screen to see the Battery Percentage on the Lock screen widget. Follow the below steps to add the Battery widget on the lock screen and Use it.

1→ Touch and Hold on the lock screen iPhone (Unlock the screen using Face ID or Passcode). To Start customizing the Lock screen, Tap on Customize Option > Now, Tap on “Batteries+ Add Widgets section on the lock screen. From the Add Widgets Popup, Select Batteries.

Add Battery Widget to Lock screen on iPhone
Add Battery Widget to Lock screen on iPhone

2→ Choose Battery Layout, I recommend Wide Layout to Show Battery percentage > Done to save.

Battery Widget Added to Lock screen on iPhone
Battery Widget Added to Lock Screen on iPhone

Way 4: Battery Widget on Home Screen

Quickly Preview the Battery percentage on the Battery widget for all connected Bluetooth devices and your iPhone itself. Follow the steps below to add the Battery widget to the iPhone home screen.

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Touch and Hold on your iPhone home screen anywhere (Black space) to put your iPhone screen in edit mode. Tap on the On (+) Button at the top left corner, and Find the Battery widget from the list. Select the Battery Layout and Add Widget to move on your iPhone screen.

Add Battery Widget on iPhone to Home Screen
Add Battery Widget on iPhone to Home Screen

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