How to Stop iOS 14/13.7/12/iOS 12.4 Update Download, Downloading and Update in Progress

Last Updated on Dec 1, 2020

Apple continuously gives the new update on iOS 13, in the last article we have discussed when is the next iOS update for iPhone. , I was so happy to use the new features of it. I downloaded the Update, and after some days I faced a lot of trouble while using my iPhone X, because of bugs. Apart from the bugs the features of iOS 13 are exciting and bring ease in operating iPhone.

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Sooner or later we all get exhausted when the iPhone starts to misbehave when we needed most. So I have decided to delete the iOS setup file and try again that works me, Beyond these techniques we have an alternate solution got gets out from Downloading problems. After doing much research finally, I found how to delete the Software Update on iPhone and today I am going to share with you. Even it is also possible to stop Software Update in the middle.

How to stop the Software Update in Progress: and Turn off for all the Time


1 Stop iOS 12 Sofware Update on iPhone

While downloading the iOS Software Update if it is stuck in the middle of nowhere then check out this procedure and stop the Software Update in progress.

To check the download status of SoftwareUpdate,

  • Step 1: Go to “Settings” and tap “General”.
  • Step 2: Click on “Software Update” to check the status.
  • Now, go back to “Settings”,
  • Step 3: Tap “General” and open “iPhone Storage” & For iPad “iPad Storage“.

Stop or Remove Downloaded iOS 12 Software

Step 4: Locate iOS 12 and tap on it.

Step 5: It will navigate you to the “Software Update” page where you can delete the Update.

2 Other Methods for Stop iOS 12 software Download

Two more alternatives are available which can be helpful for you if you want to stop Software Update temporary. Simply disable Wi-Fi on iPhone, and there the Update will be stopped. And the other is reboot iPhone, and Software Update will be stopped.

When you turn on Wi-Fi, the iPhone will ask you to resume Update if it is convenient for you then resume and it is also applicable if you chose to reboot the iPhone.

Using iTunes on MacOS Or Windows

Note: macOS Catalina or Later MacOS user on Mac use Finder for update iOS/iPadOS. Earlier MacOS and Windows user can use iTunes.

  • Open iTunes/Finder on your Mac (has pre-installed, Command + Space) or PC. is not installed, Then download latest updated iTunes from Apple website and install.
  • Connect your iPhone to iTunes using lightning cable.
Update iOS on iPhone Using iTunes

Update iOS on iPhone Using iTunes

Once your iPhone show on iTunes & Finder on Mac user can access iPhone from the Finder Sidebar, click on it and Go to Device Summary on iTunes/Finder. Check the Below screen, there is an option for updating your iPhone to the latest version. Click on the Update button and Wait for a couple of minutes depends on Software size and Data saved on your iPhone.

Above techniques work for stop running or downloading to force stop iOS 13 update download.

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