How to Stop Wi-Fi Pop Ups on iPhone and iPad

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

in case of iOS device Wi-Fi Settings Grayed out the fix is taken a little bit more time then disable/ stop Wi-Fi Pop-Ups on iPhone. What your iOS Wi-Fi keeps popping up? What your iPhone Wi-Fi prompt frequently while you are in the range of unknown Wi-Fi networks or anywhere at password-protected Wi-Fi available?  This all kind of Wi-Fi Pup ups arrives due to enabled Ask to join the network. This works the same way on all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Let’s join with us to stop it. It is very simple to stop Wi-Fi Pop-Ups on iPhone and all latest iOS devices. To get rid quickly, just you have to need the following bottom mentioned footprint.

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You may have a question regarding any effect on the device after disable Ask to join Network. No, there is no any side effect with previously joined Wi-Fi network and cellular data network. Just it would stop your iPhone to searching other unknown Wi-Fi networks as well as stops to send Pop Ups to the user.

Quit Simple to Turn Off/ Stop Wi-Fi Pop-Ups on iPhone

Step #1. Launch Settings App from your iPhone Home Screen.

Step #2. Now you will have to tap on Wi-Fi.

Stop iOS 10 Wi-Fi Pop Ups on iPhone 7 Plus

Step #3. Scroll down the screen and then do toggle ‘’Ask to Join Networks’’ Off.

how to turn off iOS 10 Wi-Fi asking to join network

You’re done.

Hence, you would be free from annoying Wi-Fi Pop-Ups.  From now, only known networks will be joined automatically with your iOS device. In short, now your iPhone will no longer automatically searching for other unknown Wi-Fi networks. Since, while not known networks are available then you will have to go for manually select a network and enter the password process.

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