How to take and save crop photo in iOS 8 photo app [Camera]

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Normally, Photo taker have made many mistakes one of them, covered extra space surround the object – Personal photo, family or couple photo by accidentally or other reason. At the time of you must need crop extra picture in your iOS 8, iPhone and iPad. But Apple included this features from iOS 7 and new iOS – iOS 8 with improvement. Now you are able to take and save crop photo in iOS 8 devices. Most of the new people in iOS don’t know about this feature so he/she irritate with that problem.

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Then photo lovers always go with some free or paid photo editing apps only for crop selected part of the photo, remove white or extra space in captured photo. Only for crop you have to never use third party app it’s hence that it will consume your iPhone and iPad memory.

On your new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, on big screen crop photo is very constructive and effortless. You can directly save cropped photo after don’t move on another photo screen and menu options.

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Here’s are the step on take and save crop photo in iOS 8 on iPhone & iPad photo app

Step 1: Go to the photo app in your iPhone and iPad – iOS 8 device

Step 2: Tap or select any image from album that you want to crop.

Step 3: Tap on Edit option, to modify image like crop.

Tap on edit to crop image

Tap on edit button.

Step 4: You have seen different tools for image editing at bottom of your iPhone or iPad screen. Choose Crop icon, given in below snap

Set crop are as a manually

Set crop limit

Step 5: Now your selection region overlapped on image, Using this you can customize region of the image that your want to keep or save in your photo.

After set your crop limit tap done

After set your crop limit tap done


Otherwise, you can also use aspect ratio of the image. That is auto crop or resize image technically perfection.

Set aspect ratio to crop image directly

Set aspect ratio

Step 6: if you are on aspect menu, than tap on crop icon, and press done button for update or save image in your iPhone and iPad.

Tap on Done option - Save image

Tap on Done option

Hope you are able to take and save crop photo in iOS 8 using only photo app in your iPhone and iPad.

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Note: Have you older iOS then iOS 7 or iOS 8? Then I suggested using below photo crop tools in iTunes.

Crop pape look photo edit app

photo crop app for iPhone and iPad - take and save crop photo in iOS 8

Crop pape look photo edit app

Using this option in your iOS 8 device, you will hate photo crop app. using this you can easily Take and save crop photo in iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad, any exclusive alternate please comment below, how you feel with this useful tip.

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