How to take backup Apple watch Settings, Apps and data

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Backup Apple watch must be required for re use your settings, installed apps and Data before reset apple watch or Unpair apple watch from iPhone, Setup with new iPhone. here also defined which types of data you can add in backup and restore it when you might be use in future for new setup. in the case if you want same settings and data on another apple watch that you have to do Unpair your first watch and Reuse/ Restore backup on new or another watch device.

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Note: Apple watch backup will be stored in iPhone backup, So to take iPhone backup have many ways like through iTunes on your Mac or Using iCloud. Your Paired iPhone will take backup your Apple watch with iPhone’s backup but before Unpair. So whenever you are taking iPhone backup, Apple watch backup also add in your backup file.How to tak Backup Apple watch on iPhone or Mac

Prerequisite: Take Apple watch backup in iPhone successfully, you have to Unpair your devices near to each other, it’s hence that: might be long distance arise connection problem.

What types of Data includes in Backup Apple watch

All the system settings, Face Watch, Wi-Fi network, Haptic settings, Sound and Brightness, Language, Time Zone, pre installed apps settings – Mail, Stocks, Weather and Calendar. and most useful health and Fitness app data, History, Achievements, User data, Apple watch compatible iPhone apps. 

What’s not include in Backup Apple watch

Sync Play List with your iPhone, Credit and Debit cards details, Passcode.

Note: Unpair apple watch will erase all the data and settings set by owner. and now your apple watch ready for pair with new iPhone.

Thanks for Apple giving awesome features and custom settings that made apple watch use more easy to update watch OS in future when available. any time tack Backup apple watch securely and use for future restore purpose.

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