How to shoot photos with your Apple Watch and iPhone

Take photo from iPhone remotely as a selfie and Group photo

Before this time you can get perfect selfie using the other third-party camera/ Photography accessories available in store. But now you have not to worry about a shoot out the picture and video snap on your device. Not only camera access remotely but you can access and control more apps only through the Apple watch from pre-installed apps or other upcoming third-party apps. So here I explained how to use Camera remote apps on your iPhone for remote access use iSight camera.

Remote apps functionality is the same as Camera Remote using Remote app you can control other Apple devices in the range of apple watch at your home and office.

Steps for how to use iSight Camera: iPhone for Taking a photo from iPhone remotely using Apple watch

Take photo from iPhone remotely as a selfie and Group photo

Viewfinder features in your Apple watch cover your iPhone’s camera screen in your watch device. So from the far distance, you can take a perfect selfie (Live preview on Watch screen) on your iPhone by the tap on Camera remote app.

Before that, you have to pair your device with iPhone and then you can access or Take a photo from the iPhone remotely.

Once Turn iSight Camera on iPhone and place the device in some static place as your comfort. Launch Camera remote app in apple watch and now in your hand, you will take a whole snap by tapping on the Camera play round button.

One more feature in Apple Watch Camera Remote App as the Set timer (Time to take a picture automatically adjust by you).

we hope that Most of the popular iPhone camera apps, Camera+, VSCO Cam, FaceTime, Pro Camera 8, ProCam 2, and many other camera apps will also support Take a photo from iPhone remotely on the latest iOS version.

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