How to transfer contacts from android to iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

Move contacts, Music, Video from iPhone and Android

For iOS users, Common and Big headache is transfer data from old or existing android phone to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Mostly people have a query on how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone 6 / 6 Plus and Same for Music, Video, Calendar, Photos and SMS directly to new iPhone. Without any technical knowledge, here you can find the trick for your iPhone 6 or (iPhone 5S/5, iPhone 4S/4). Wondershare is #1 best and most recommended software for easy transfer. Updated version of old mobile trans now compatible with iOS 8 and running on any device – iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus included.

Steps for Transfer contacts from android to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Music, Photos, Videos, SMS, Calendar

#1 Best Data transfer application available for Mac and Windows.

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Note: Wonder share contact Trans app use One of you mail account: Like Gmail. And before start sync or transfer from one device to another device just connect to your Mac/ PC or should be shown in Wondershare software.

Transfer Contacts: You can transfer contact from your android device or from iTunes backup. For that right side should be iPhone or iTunes backup and Check mark contacts. From middle bar you can also see how many contacts are present for transfer.Transfer contacts from android to iPhone 6 and iPad

And same for Videos, Music, Photos, Text Message

Great customer satisfaction and reviews made happy: recently very useful for Transfer contacts from android to iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.Move data from iTunes Backup to iPhone

Not only android to iPhone, But iOS device to any android device you can copy contacts, Files – Documents, Music and Video in single click.

Compatible iOS version: iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8 and Also iOS 9.

Eligible for move data on android to android, iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to android and android to iPhone/ iPad

Don’t miss to share you experience on wondershare mobile Trans for Transfer contacts from android to iPhone 6 and other data through Mac/PC.

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