how to Transfer photos from iPhone to iPad: Wirelessly

You have apple gadgets then you must have USB lightning adapter, By official apple. That will helps in Transfer photos from iPhone to iPad or iPad to iPhone. If you don’t have enough space to capture from iPhone camera then you can transfer all the photos or media file directly to your another device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch). Unfortunately, you don’t have Mac/ PC or iTunes. then this is straight forward way to move or transfer photos from iPhone to iPad and vise versa.

About USB camera adapter and How to use for Transfer photos from iPhone to iPad

Move media files, Transfer photos from iPhone to iPadUSB camera adapter is very useful cable as a converter for move photos copy in to iPhone directly and securely. One end is 8 pin connector and another one end is for fix USB cable comes in your accessories kits.

Supported Devices: iPhone (iPhone 6S/ 6, iPhone 6S Plus/ 6 Plus, iPhone 5S/ 5, iPhone 4), iPad (All generations), iPod Touch (All generations), Digital Camera

Media Type: import and Export Photos, Videos

Setup is pretty simple for technical or non technical person.

Follow the below instructions given in image, how to connect.

Buy USB Lighting Cable ($5.99), USB converter ($24.43)

Through This cable, iFile manager app also useful for easily manage file from one iOS device.

2nd Way for move photos from iPhone to iPad

Now, another options as External media drive for iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch, You can access it on WiFi to all devices. large storage capacity and fast transfer rate is very useful for all the time.

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