How to Download Photos from iPhone XS (Max) to Laptop/Mac without USB Cable, iTunes, Software

4 Transfer photos from iPhone XS max to Laptop or Mac Browser

There are too many tricks that work for transfer media files photos and videos from iPhone to another iPhone, Android mobile or Windows Laptop PC and Mac – Without USB Cable, Software, iTunes and more. But sometimes we haven’t any option for using selected ways like iTunes and third-party software. iPhone users are looking for the solution on how to transfer photos without an Airdrop, without iTunes, without USB lightning cable. Yes, we can do this using the third party application on iOS and web app. So we can directly access all the media files on a desktop or Mac Browser.

As the time to go, the technology is moving ahead anytime, that serve the best ways to transfer photos from iPhone Xs Max to PC. At that point, you can share the ideas what is the best way for transfer photos from iPhone to another smart device, via command box. We will update here and try to help in better ways to millions of people.

Transfer made easy, we have a solution for you. Normally iPhone users get frustrated on transfer data on other iPhone or Desktop.

This tips also work on all iPhone models (iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus/8/8 Plus, iPad).

4 Transfer photos from iPhone XS max to Laptop or Mac Browser

Alternate Ways to Transfer Photos From iPhone Xs (Max), XR to PC

Step 1: download xender iOS application on iOS device (iPhone and iPad) from the app store.

Step 2: open the xender application and allows to access photos and media file on the app.

1 Tap on Profile icon on Xender iOS app

Step 3: tap on a profile at the top right corner of the screen, find the option for connecting PC and Tap on it.

2 Connect PC turn on on Xender iOS app

Step 4: yeah you can see, two links that we can open in our Browser. Personally, I am using IP address if both the device is running on the same Wi-Fi network.

3 Xener URL to access file on Browser via Xender

Note: this applications only use Wi-Fi connection, not the data if you use IP address. So you can try personal hotspot connection or over the Wi-Fi router if doesn’t matter internet connection is turned on or off.

Open the browser on your Mac or PC where you want to move or download photos from iPhone to Mac or PC.

if you are using IP address to access, Tap on allow or accept on iPhone.

1 Connect your iPhone to Laptop using Browser

Type Web URL or IP Address in the browser address carefully, go with this page you will see the QR barcode and scan the barcode using the scan option on your iPhone.

Now you can access all the media (Photos and Video on big screen laptop/PC or Mac).

That’s it.


  • Third-Party Software is showing error or unable to detect your iPhone
  • iTunes error on Backup or Sync on your Windows PC or Mac
  • it’s Time-saving and Fast (Download speed is 10 to 100 MB/s)
  • No need any technical assistant or support.
  • Available for all the platform so directly transfer between, Desktop, iOS, Android (Transfer Photo from iPhone to android using xender) and Mac.


  • Open source, Care your data and sign out session in the browser on an unknown desktop before you leaving.

This unique way really helps that we can use Transfer photo from iPhone to iPhone (#1 Airdrop is not working), Import photos from iPhone to PC in just a few clicks. Don’t miss to share this tricks with your Friends and Follow us on our social page.

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