How to turn off data roaming on iPhone 6,iPhone 6 Plus: iOS 8.4.1

Last Updated: Sep 1, 2015

This post will be become money saving for you because you can learn turn off data roaming on iPhone 6 /iPhone 6 Plus, iPad. So that leverages you as reduce data service bill.

There are many Carriers across the world and they offer international voice and data plans. So first of all always contact your carriers to gain details about international- roaming countries, SIMs, rates, and policies before you travel to aboard. If you don’t have international plan and wish to use data plan on your iPhone, iPad then your carrier may charge higher fees and additional data rates.

Moreover, in the iPhone, iPad the data roaming is an option while you’re travelling abroad and you wish to access data services at that time you’ve to need turn on data roaming service at going your iPhone settings. But Keep in mind data roaming charges is to be always higher than in your own country. So indeed you want like to stop unwanted data roaming cost. Just disable data roaming option from iPhone/iPad settings. Even you’ve no idea to turn off data roaming on iPhone, iPad? Don’t worry. I explained steps at bottom for you to disable/ turn off data roaming on iPhone 6, iPad after arriving inside your network geographical coverage.

Steps for how to Turn off data roaming on iPhone 6 /6 plus while you travelling: iOS 8.4.1How to turn off data roaming on iPhone 6 plus and iOS 9, iOS 8.4.1

If you don’t have an international data roaming plan, though you should be turn off cellular data and Data Roaming to avoid roaming charge.

Step 1. Open up Settings app on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

Step 2. Navigate Carrier or Mobile you can be appearing at below Bluetooth and Carrier, then

Step 3. Now switch turn off Data Roamingbest way on How to turn off data roaming on iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, iPad Minii 3

That’s it. If you don’t want to use Cellular data then make it also turning off.

Get how to turn off Data roaming on iPad Air or iPad Mini: iOS 9

Step 1. Launch Settings app on cellular supported iPad Air or iPad Mini

Step 2. Tap on Cellular data

Step 3. Make turn off Data Roaming.

Let know how much useful this way, please share your feeling with us and give info about turn off data roaming on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.