How to Enable & Turn Off Private Browsing in Safari on iPhone 15 ,14

Last Updated on Sep 14, 2023

Where is Safari Private Browsing button that’s missing after the iOS/iPadOS update? Open a browser in private mode on iPhone and iPad. Here are simple iPhone tips for professionals, business users, and children. If you are one of them, then you can use the following guide. Now the question arises why safari gives private browsing options. Hence, by using private Browsing, you can stop malware, harm, and threats from the web to your iPhone or iPad. But, of course, that will hang your iPhone; it will consume more battery power or harm other valuable data.

Most of the hackers doing this type of activity through this any hackers can cheat you save a password on your iPhone, iPad Safari browser easily. Most iPhone lovers are always aware of excellent functionality, “how to Access browser in private mode?“,” How to start the safari in protected mode?“, “How can I do browsing insecure way?“, “How can I access internet surfing securely? On iPhone, iPad on iOS.

How to Open Private browsing in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Method 1: Enable Safari Private Mode in iOS 15 & Later

  1. Open Safari On your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the Tab Preview icon from the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Select Tab Groups Switching Option and Select Private option.turn-on-private-browsing-on-iphone-safari-in-ios-15
  4. Now, Your iPhone Safari is in Private mode. Tap on the Plus icon to Add a Private Browser Tab.add-a-new-tab-in-private-browsing-mode-on-iphone-safari
  5. That’s it.
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Steps to Turn Off Private Browsing in Safari

This will Disable incognito Mode in Safari iOS 15 on iPhone

  1. To Exit, Tap on the Tabs Preview icon from the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Select, Tab Groups Switching Option and Select Start Page option.turn-on-private-browsing-on-iphone-safari-in-ios-15
  3. That’s it.

Alternate Method:-

To Quickly Start Private mode, Long Touch and Hold on Tabs Preview option and Select Start Page for Exit Private mode or Select Private for Switch to Private Browsing tab.


in the Same ways, Exit from Private mode, Touch and Hold on Tabs Preview, and Select Start Page Option.


iOS 14 & Older

  • Step 1: Open safari from iPhone, iPad home screen.
  • Step 2: Tap on the Tabs Button icon at the bottom right corner of the iPhone and iPad screen.
1 Multi Windows icon on Safari iPhone
  • Step 3: Now from the bottom black strip, you will see text to enable the private option.
  • Step 4: After making it private, submit this option with the done button option.
Open browser on private mode in iPhone and iPad - iOS 7
Open browser on the private mode in iPhone and iPad

Now you are done, feel free and do any remote job online with complete proof of security.

Video to Disable Private Browsing on Safari on iPad and iPhone

Why can’t iPhone use private browsing? Why is my private browsing button greyed out?

This video guides you through disabling and enabling private Browsing in settings on iPhone and iPad.

How to Exit iPhone Private Browsing mode

Private browsing mode for all browsers, never saves the visited website URL in history, Downloaded File in Safari Download Manager on iPhone and iPad. Also, We can’t save or Autofill passwords, Credit card details from Keychain access. So for lazy people, Private mode is no more useful but easy to use for a short time. So Follow the below steps to get it out from Private Safari Mode to the normal mode. To Exit Private Browsing mode on safari is the easy reverse process of putting Safari in Private mode. Here is my example, I show my Safari iPhone and iPad screen.

  1. Open Safari on the iPhone.
  2. Next Tap on Tabs Button at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the Private button and tap on it to Exit from Private Safari Browsing mode. See My iPhone screen below,
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Exit Safari Private Browsing mode on iPhone
Exit Safari Private Browsing mode on iPhone

Video Guide How to Turn On Private Browsing in Safari

How to Enter/ Turn Off Private Browsing in Safari on iPad

Just like the iPhone user’s private browsing experience, we can also use it on the iPad. So here’s the guide with the images that show where the option is on the iPad, Because of the significant change in the user interface but nothing big changes at all.

iPadOS 15 Or later

  1. Open Safari on iPad. and Tap on the Sidebar preview option.see-private-browsing-option-and-view-tab-groups-on-ipad-safari
  2. Select Private Option for Turn on Private Browsing mode and Start Page option for Disable Private Safari Mode on iPad.start-private-browsing-mode-on-ipad-safari
  3. That’s it.

iPadOS 14 or Earlier

  1. Open Safari on the iPad.
  2. Tap on the Tabs button to See all Safari windows on the screen. at the top corner.
Tab button in Safari to Open Private Browsing
Tab button in Safari to Open Private Browsing
Safari Private Browsing on iPhone
Safari Private Browsing on iPhone
  • just beside this button, Tap on private to put Safari Browser in Private mode. and Start Surfing by a tap on + icon that opens a new safari window.
  • Exit Safari Private Browser mode on iPad
    Exit Safari Private Browser mode on iPad
  • To Go back in normal browsing, Again Tap on Tab icon. and Tap on Highlighted Private Button. Now you will switch into the normal browser.
  • An alternate way for a safe browsing experience using/Without 3D Touch Safari Shortcut

    Safari Shortcut to Open Private or Normal Browsing mode on iPhone and iPad
    Safari Shortcut to Open Private or Normal Browsing mode on iPhone and iPad

    iOS 13/iPadOS or later iOS users can use this Popup menu to quickly open New Tab on the Safari browser from iPhone/iPad home screen. Touch and Hold on the app icon until Safari popup show with two option.

    Go with the preferred option to use Browsing mode. 3D Touch was officially removed by apple on a new iPhone/iPad model. So these techniques will work on the old iPhone/iPad model that installed the latest iOS Version. This way won’t turn off or Switch the Browsing mode. But an easy way to use Any method of security without the waste of time.

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    Free full-screen private Browsing gives guaranteed security on iPhone and iPad. More the 5 million trusted users are active now. You can get the download link, and for more about it, click here.

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