How to Stop/ Turn off Video Autoplay on Twitter for iPhone: iPad

Everything you need to know about twitter and Facebook. Here’s way to Turn off Video Autoplay on Twitter for iPhone, iPad. San Francisco, USA. The Twitter company has fast developed Social network. As you know, it allows to sharing 140 characters message on the users twitter account on Smartphone app, web base chat or on desktop or laptop. Now as like as Facebook, the online network Twitter has opened to share little bit videos and GIFs image on its network with the tweet. That’s nice feature, but while the users play on twitter and scrolling the iPhone screen at the time Video and GIF images play automatically. It’s not any magic but that eats Wi-Fi or Cellular data. Since auto play feature eats unnecessary internet data. Though If you are looking for disable Auto-playing video on twitter for iPhone, iPad. Then please follow below guide carefully.

Note: Regardless of your video autoplay settings, videos, GIFs and  Vines will autoplay in Moments.

Instructions to Disable/ Turn off Video Autoplay on Twitter for iPhone

Turn off Video Autoplay on Twitter for iPhone iPad pro

Step 1. Launch Twitter app on your iPhone.

Step 2. After logged in, Tap on Profile icon (Me).

Step 3. Tap on Gear icon beside of your profile picture, you can see in the below picture.Twitter app on your iPhone

Step 4. You will get a popup choose Settings.

Step 5. Under the General, Tap on Data.

Step 6. Now you can see Video autoplay option, tap on that and go next step.Video autoplay option twitter iPhone iOS 9

Step 7. Here there are three options

Use Mobile data and Wi-Fi, Use Wi-Fi only, Never play videos automatically.

So out of three options, Tap on Never play videos automatically.Never play videos automatically twitter

You’re done.

So from now, you twitter account won’t play video or GIF image automatically. If you want to play Video then you can be doing that Simply Tap on Video or image.

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