How to Turn off & On Dark Mode in Mail App on Mac (macOS Sonoma)

Here are the settings for how to turn off dark mode for Mail app specifically on Mac running on macOS. If you don’t want a Dark Mode for Email in Mail app only then, you need to change settings use dark mode background for messages.

Find the preview settings on my Mac that I have done in dark mode. As a result, you can easily read mail body text while the Dark Mode is on. In this article, I discuss Dark mode customization. System-wide dark Mode on Mac completely turns on for all the apps pre-installed on your Mac.

Dark mode supported applications are mail app, finder, Photos, calendar, Xcode, and all other third-party applications installed on your Mac.

Users reported this: they can’t read messages, and it doesn’t look environment-friendly when the dark mode is on. See, Apple gives another hidden feature for a mail app, using this, we can read mail in a light mode without disabling dark mode.

These settings will apply for the text-only apps so that the viewers can read a text in black with a white background.

Steps for Turn on Light mode With Dark Mode on Mail App on Mac

Prerequisite and Check this at first: System-Wide Dark mode should be enabled on Mac. Also useful how to activate dark mode on Mac: 2 methods.

  1. Launch the mail app on your Mac.
  2. Go to the top menu and the Mail > Settings/preference for mail.
  3. Now click on the viewing section. Important! The below Option is only visible if Dark Mode is Enabled on Mac.
3 Turn off Dark mode on Mac Mail app

4: Uncheck the settings for “use dark mode background for messages.” To turn off Dark mode for Mail app on Mac only.

Yes, you can see the immediate changes.

That’s it, yourself. Make sure this setting doesn’t override the existing HTML code. Plain text mail you can see in a fantastic format.

I love this format and appearance with Dark mode on Mac.

Now share your thoughts and experience about the Apple Mac mail app with light mode when the dark mode is enabled.

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  1. But it is not full dark mode. Just only menu is in dark. Crap. Have you seen Microsoft Outlook in dark mode? Even messages are turned on in dark mode.


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