1 Disable or Enable iCloud Music library on iPhone and iPad (1)

How to Turn on or Turn off iCloud music library on iPhone X and iPhone 8/ 8 Plus

Apple music lover should use iCloud Music library feature. This feature helps to save your song in playlist or Album that can be accessed on different Apple device running on same apple ID. iCloud music library not consumes more space but people are keeps turn off due to insufficient space in iCloud  (5GB).

Steps for Turn on or Turn off iCloud Music library on iPhone, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus

1 Disable or Enable iCloud Music library on iPhone and iPad (1)

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On iPhone/iPad

Step 1: go to the Settings app on iPhone.

Step 2: Find Music > Disable iCloud Music library.

When you disabled iCloud music library you will get the confirmation popup

On Mac

Step 1: Open iTunes on Mac.

Step 2: Go to the iTunes > Preferences.

Step 3: Next to the General Tab > iCloud music library > Uncheck this option.

If you are getting the error something like this on enables or Disable iCloud music library on iOS or Mac,

  • Missing or mismatched album artwork
  • Wrong metadata
  • Live tracks matched to their studio versions

This will fix at cloud side apple will auto fix the temporary error and will be right next time when you re-enable & start to use iCloud Music library catalog in your iCloud account.

TroubleShoot the issues on iCloud Music Library

iCloud library is not accessible like Mail or Drive files. Music library will auto sync or update to the different existing device or set up a new device with the same apple ID. If you getting trouble in sync logout apple ID and re-login apple ID (Settings > Profile name > Sign out).

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