How to Turn On Switch Control in iPhone 6 – iOS 8

Turn on Switch control because is a powerful and innovative Accessibility feature of new iPhone 6 and anyone iOS device with impaired physical and motor skill. You can navigate your iOS devices using Switch control. Moreover that allow to you navigate sequentially via onscreen items as well allow to perform fantastic action using kind of Bluetooth- enabled switch items. It’s doing highlight item on the screen. If you want know more about the switch control option under the Physical and motor section, I mean know for how to turn off or turn on Switch control then you can get idea by following beneath given steps.

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Steps for Turn Off/ Turn on Switch Control in iPhone – iOS 8 devices

Step 1.

Launch Settings app, from iPhone home screen

Step 2.

Tap On GeneralTurn On Switch control in iPhone, iPad

Step 3.

Now Select, Accessibility

Step 4.

Tap on Switch Control, Under the Physical & motor section

settings of how to Switch control on iPad

Step 5.

In last, Turn Switch control ON.   you can see difference of disable and enable Switch control 

That’s it. Now, you can eligible for scan between items. Like, crosshair to pick specific point or manually select apps or item using multiple switches. In the same screen of Switch Control, you can see a Switches option, using that you can add different kind of switch in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch like, you can add camera switch, navigation switch etc.

How to Turn off Switch control in iPhone, iPad  

This is the way for those users who want Disable or Turn Off Switch Control in his or her iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

  • Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Switch control >> Turn Switch Control option Off

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