How to Turn off Camera Sound on iPhone 15, 14 (Pro, Max)

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In this blog post, get a useful tip that will help you to create a noiseless photoshoot by Turning Off the Camera Shutter Sound on any iPhone. Since you should turn off Shutter Sound before taking a photo on your iPhone. With an integrated iSight camera in the iPhone that allows the Camera shutter Sound with the Ringer Sound.

Almost all iPhone users like capturing their real-time memorable and funny activity on their iPhone, iPad iSight Camera. It’s kind but even if would you like to mute the shutter sound then follow the bottom given instructions for enabling or disabling Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone.

Note: Below tips are also workable to stop Camera Sound on Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger other social apps that use a camera for photos and videos. currently, the latest operating system, but the Camera Shutter Sound does work with the hardware feature, not of the Software side. So it doesn’t matter what iOS you have to turn off the sound for the camera shutter.

Suggestion: According to we’ve information – For Japan and the Korean handset model. The user has not to bypass the way to turn off Camera Shutter Sound on the iPhone, even if you turn off Ringer. As per Japanese Law Phones in Japan do not allow people to mute the shutter sound. It’s the prevention for people from taking Sneak photos.

Steps to Know: Turning off Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone

Three Alternate Methods in turn off the camera shutter sound

Everything is customizing on Apple’s iOS Devices; we’re listed below one of them.  You can get an overview of how to switch camera shutter sound Turn On and Turn Off. This tip goes handily for all iPhone models So you can also follow the same steps for other iPhone models with the different versions of iOS.

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Method 1: Using Mute Button or Ring/Silent Switch

For iPhone 15 Models,

For iPhone 15 Pro (Max) series users, Camera Sound is replaced with Haptic. So users cannot hear the camera shutter sound when clicking photos using the Camera app.
Let’s Press and hold on to the action button until you feel haptic feedback to switch between silent to ring or vice versa. You can see the result on the dynamic island. or Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Turn off Silent Mode (Disable the toggle). or Open the control center > Tap on the bell icon to turn on silent mode.

Mute or Silent iPhone from control center

For iPhone 14 and Earlier models that have a traditional silent switch

  • Step 1. Look at, Top and left side of your iPhone – where you can see a Mute button.
  • Step 2. Move that mute button from top to downside softly. After that, you can see a small amount of orange color above the button when your iPhone is in a muted situation.
How to silent mode on iPhone
Pull down the Silent Switch to turn off camera sound
  • Step 3. Now, Capture a Photo on your iPhone’s actual camera and test that its Shutter sound turns off.

Can I turn off the camera sound on iPhone without muting?

lots of users would like to turn the camera shutter sound but without muting the silent switch off. it is sad to say that still there isn’t a specific way to do it. For example,e mostly Snapchat users looking for a trick to turn off camera sound on iPhone without muting Snapchat. So this type, of specific App setting is also not available. for this, search on the app -store if any app is available that offers this.

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Method 2: Using Assistive Touch – Without Ring/Silent Switch

Enable Assistive to touch and Customize (Go to the Settings App> Tap Accessibility > Hit Touch > Tap Assistive Touch> Turn toggle next to the AssitiveTouch On/Green) from the iPhone settings app.

Step 1: Go to the Settings App > Tap Accessibility on iPhone.

Go to the settings scroll the accessibility on iphone

Step 2: Click on Touch.
Step 3: Next, Tap on AssistiveTouch > Enable the toggle AssistiveTouch.

Click on touch enable toggle assistivetouch on iphone

Step 4: Tap on the Assistive Touch Button (Touch Button) appears on the screen.
Step 5: Tap on Device, then click on mute to Turn off the camera shutter sound.

Click on device tap mute then unmute on iphone

Now Wherever you can mute the Camera click sound before launching the Camera app or While we are using the camera app on the iOS device, users click the picture.

See the Turn on position for camera sound and Turn off inside by side picture screen below,

Method 3: Set low Volume for Camera click: Adjust Click sound intensity

Before launching, the Camera app on your iPhone, Use the Volume down button and set it as you wish.

2 Keep or Adjust Camera Shutter sound is low on iPhone using Volume Down button

Then, test the correct camera click Sound or noise by clicking on the camera capture button.

Note: This trick is convenient for those unable to access the Physical button (Ring/Silent Button). Or Button is Damaged.

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Did you get here which you want before? Tell us how much help the tip on Turning off Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone.

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  1. so it means that if the phone is from japan we can’t turn off the shutter sound? is there any way we can turn it off?

  2. so it means that if the phone is from japan we can’t turn off the shutter sound? is there any way we can turn it off?

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