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take ECG on apple watch 4

How to use ECG app on Apple Watch 4 outside the USA [International]

For all Apple watch 4 users who are staying outside the USA and set up iPhone for None US territory. Know How does the Apple Watch Series 4 take an ECG? So you are not eligible to use ECG app on Apple watch and unable to measure ECG app on Apple Watch 4. find out the tips that work and enable ECG on apple watch 4 outside the US.

But it’s possible! let’s start to Take ECG on Apple Watch Series 4.

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Basically, ECG feature is based on software, not a hardware for Apple watch 4. mind it, Apple watch 4 only support ECG or pulse measurement using a finger. A sensor on digital crown read the intensity of blood flow that passing inside your finger.

Change Country region on your iPhone that Paired with your Apple watch 4. So apple watch automatically syncs and allow to test as like official release.

According to 9to5Mac and Source of MacRumors shared the story, Code is found that related to ECG features. that means it’s software based.

How to Measure ECG on Apple Watch 4 outside the US: Take ECG Report in PDF

Step 1: Go to the settings app on your iPhone that paired with apple watch series 4.

Step 2: Next, Tap on General.

Step 3: Now, Scroll to Language & Region. Select the region of your choice. and Save it.

Change Language and Region on iPhone for enable ECG

open heart rate app on Apple watch and place your finger on a digital crown. [Don’t press the button or hard touch, Keep soft touch]

take ECG on apple watch 4

At that time, smart electrodes in apple watch scan your body’s electrical impulses that came from your heartbeat that shown in Apple Watch 4 event. The whole information passes to S4 and at the same time, it will convert those signals into apple’s algorithms.

get pulse count on Apple Watch 4 using ECG

Finally, you can extract the live data into PDF format that can be shared with your doctor. it really saves money, time and precious use of apple watch.

image source: MacRumors

Note: ECG feature is not available on Apple Watch 3, Apple Watch 2 or First Edition.

Hope you like my tips, that keeps all my readers happy and healthy by turning on and measuring ECG on His/Her Apple Watch 4.

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