How to Add Emojis to Emails on mac & Subject Line

Last Updated on Jan 13, 2023

What would digital communication be without emojis? Boring, that’s what. These tiny icons are usually inserted into Mail or Message to express emotions. They run the ambit between smiley, animals, objects, and road signs. Unlike the Other Email App, you can now add emojis to emails in Apple mail app using keyboard shortcuts or manually.

If you are typing emoticons and are willing to add up some emojis, here is how to insert them in your Apple Mail.  

Steps to add emoticons to emails message, Subject Line & signature

Who says you are unable to use emoji in Apple Mail? For the proof, we have mentioned the different ways in the article. Read And Grasp It!

Way 1: From Edit In Menubar

On your Mac computer, you have to use default emojis picker to select and add to your professional mail. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Apple Mail App. 
  2. Next, click on the Mail Compose Icon from the Apple mail screen.
  3. Then, click on the Edit Option from the menu bar.
  4. Click on Emoji & Symbols.


In a result, you will receive a Character Viewer screen. And then double-click on the Emoji you want to add; that’s it!

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Way 2: Pressing Combination Of Keys


Another way to insert emoji in Mac mail is by pressing Control + Command + Space. So if there is no Fn/Globe key on your keyboard, go with it. 

So first, you need to open Apple Mail and select the Compose Icon or older messages. Once you do so, select the text field where you want to add emoji, now press Control + Command + Space. Next, from the Character Viewer screen, choose different categories from the left sidebar. And then double-click on one you want to add in mail. 

Way 3: Pressing Function Key

The Apple Keyboard Fn/Globe key has extra capabilities. And one such is accessing the Character Viewer; when you long-press the Fn Key/Glob key from the Mac keyboar, the emoji will appear. 

So first, you need to open Apple Mail and select the Compose Icon or older messages. Once you do so, select the text field where you want to add emoji; now, long press the Fn/Globe Key. From the Character Viewer screen, double-click on any you want.

However, this is only imposed on Mac keyboards having Fn/Globe Key.  

Way 4: On Mac With TouchBar

If you have a Mac with a touch bar, tap on the Emoji Icon from the touch bar. 

To insert the character or symbol in mail, Access the Mail App, position the insertion point in the Mail, then tap on an item from the Character Viewer. In case the viewer is expanded, double-click on the item to insert. 

How To Search And Browse Characters And Symbol To Add Emoji in Apple Mail

Once you have opened the Character Viewer by following any of the ways mentioned above. Do one of the following.

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Browse Characters And Symbols: Hover the mouse to and click on the across buttons if the character viewer isn’t expanded. If the character viewer is expanded, go along the edge of the viewer. For an array of emojis, just like people, you can click and pause to see its variation and accordingly add emoji on Mail. 

Search Characters Or Symbols: In the search field, enter the commonly used phrase or word; you can also use code and press Enter. 

Bottom Line

How do you insert emojis on a Mac? It’s easy to answer once you have followed our guide. Once you’re done, it’s time to learn How To Use Emoji In Folder Name On Mac.

How To Add Emojis In Outlook Mac

You can use the keyboard shortcut Fn/Globe Key or Control + Command + Space. However, you can also select Edit from the menubar and click on Emoji And Symbols when the Outlook Mail is open. In the result, you will receive a Character Viewer Screen, double-click on the Emoji you want to insert. That’s All!

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