How to Use Google Meet like Zoom, All Zoom Features in Google Meet

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelLike Zoom, like Google Meet! If we look at the stats, then I’d say the Zoom is the most used and downloaded video meeting software to date. Many MNCs are totally dependent upon the Outlook, and its services, coming back to the video meeting, for Outlook account holders, Zoom is recommended video conferencing software, unless you or your organization wants to roll back or switch it to G Suite. Google Meet is no different than Zoom, though there are some ups and downs when comparing the details. However, it doesn’t matter what video conferencing you use, all you have to do is, complete the entire workload at the end of the day, by Google Meet or Zoom, in the current crisis of pandemic.

If your organization has decided to go for G Suite, then Google Meet is the best option for arranging video meetings from home. And to the new fellows, you may want to learn the basics of how to use Google Meet like Zoom and start video meetings in the Meet App. We’ve prepared the full article on how to use Zoom features in Google Meet on Windows and Mac.

How to Use Google Meet Like Zoom Video App?

1) Start a Video Meeting in Google Meet Audio/Video Calling app

Before you start or organize Google Video Meeting, have you checked if your PC is compatible to work with Meet? Currently, the Meet is supported on macOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Ubuntu, and few Debian-based Linux distributions and primarily updates whatever browser you are going to use with Meet to avoid unusual errors. If everything is ready, then here’s how to start a video meeting in Meet.

  1. Visit the Google Meet on a web browser.
  2. Find the Start a new meeting
    Start meeting on Google meet video meeting

    Start meeting on Google meet video meeting

    • If you are using Meet for the first time on the browser, then Allow Meet to access Camera and Microphone when asked. Once you click on Start Meeting, the pop-up will appear asking you to give permissions.
    • (For Google Chrome Users) In case if you have mistakenly denied the permissions, then open the Meet and click on the lock icon before the URL in the URL BAR, and open Site Settings to change permissions.
  3. Then click on Start Meeting.
    1. Before start video or During video call we can change the settings for audio and Speaker.
    2. Tap on More option showing on the Video player,

      Video option on Google meet video player

      Video option on Google meet video player

    3. Tap on the Settings option.

      Video player settings on google meet

      Video player settings on google meet

    4. Now, From the popup first option is for audio like Input microphone and Speaker.

      Audio settings on google meet video meeting

      Audio settings on google meet video meeting

    5. The second tab is for Video.

      Video settings on google meet video meeting

      Video settings on google meet video meeting

    6. That’s it.

2). Start a Video Meeting from Gmail

Moreover, you can also start a meeting directly from the Gmail App, to do so,

  1. Open the Gmail, sign in to your Gmail Account.
  2. On the left-sidebar, click on Start a meeting.

    Start meeting on Google meet video meeting

    Start meeting on Google meet video meeting

  3. Next, select Join now.
  4. Now Add People to join you in the Meeting by entering their Gmail ID, or Share the Joining info with them.
  5. However, the options to add people or copy the joining info isn’t available, then, on the upper-right corner click on Add People icon, to add and send invites through the Email ID. And to Copy the Joining Info, click on the lower-left corner that says, Meeting details and copy it. The Joining Info is helpful when you don’t have the Email ID of the person with whom you want to connect on Google Meet.

3). Add Video Meetings to your Calendar

If you are looking to organize the video meeting on Google Meet, then read our detailed article on how to Schedule video meetings in Google Meet from Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android. Also, it lets you organize meetings from the Google Calendar App and Invite participants directly from the Google Calendar App while scheduling meetings. Plus, a short guide is also covered below read it.

  1. Open the Google Calendar on your PC.
  2. Make sure to sign in with Gmail ID.
  3. Click on the Create button on the top-right screen.
  4. Now Add guests, descriptions, give Meeting a Title/Agenda, Set Time, and Save.
  5. The Meet will send the email notifications to all the people whom you have added if you allow.

4). Join a Meeting from your Computer

It depends on how you are invited to join a video meeting in Meet.

From Scheduled Events:

If someone has already added the video meeting to your Calendar, then open the Meet and find the meeting from scheduled events and then Join Meeting.

Use the Meeting Code to Join Video Meeting

  1. Ask the organizer to share the meeting code with you. Just enter the code, don’t add hyphens.
  2. Open the Meet on a web browser.
  3. Enter the meeting code and click Join.

5). Join a Video Meeting from iPhone and Android

Not necessarily we have our laptop and PC all the time with us, in that case, use the Google Meet App and attend the meetings while you are on the go.

  1. Download the Meet App on your phone.
  2. Go to the Meet app.
  3. To access the scheduled events and meetings, swipe the screen up from the bottom.
  4. Choose the meeting to Join.

If in case the internet connection is not working, but still you want to attend the meeting, then join the meeting by phone call.

  1. From the meeting invite link or scheduled events, choose one;
    • Select the Phone number, the PIN will appear itself.
    • Or enter the phone number followed by PIN and #.

6). Invite More People to a Meeting

The Google Meet lets you add the people even if you forget to add them while starting the video meeting or organizing the meeting from Google Calendar. No matter, the meeting is half completed or never begun, you can invite people anytime.

I assume that video meeting is live, click on the People icon if you are not familiar with the Add People symbol, then hover the mouse on each symbol and click on the one which says Add People.

You can even make phone calls to let them join meetings via call. Click Call and type the phone number and let the participant join you over audio.

7). Send Chat Messages during a Meeting

Aside from video meetings, the Meet app features a Chatbox, where all the participants can chat, express their thoughts in between meetings, share important notes, etc.

From an on-going meeting, click on the Chat icon and send messages. Besides, every participant can read your messages.

When you exit the video meeting, the chat will disappear, and you can only see the chat messages after joining the video meeting.

You can use the Google Chats on the web, for a continuous chat.

8). Share your Screen on Google Meet Video Meeting

To give a presentation to clients or teachers, the Meet app has a Present feature through which you can share the Window or the complete screen.

  1. Go to the Meet.
  2. Join the meeting.
  3. Look for the Present now button and click on it.
  4. Select from Your entire screen and A window and click Share.
  5. To close the presenting screen, Stop Presenting.
  6. To Take Over Presentation, If another participant is already presenting their screen, then click on Present instead.

9). Record a Video Meeting With Google Meet

For some reason, you want to submit the client discussion and report to the boss, or if you are a forgetful person who can’t remember small things, then don’t worry, Meet makes it easy for you, by recording the video meeting, you can re-watch later.

After joining the video meeting, click on the three-dots on the lower-right side and choose Record meeting.

Manage Notifications of Meet and Chat in your Chrome Browser

The notifications provide a quick look at the messages, missed calls, or any update that might be a high priority for us. Likewise, the Google Meet also supports alerts; however, Google Chrome will never send you alerts when using the website in Incognito Mode.

Enable notifications for video meeting in Meet App,

  1. Go to the Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the three-dots, at the upper-right corner.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Click on Privacy and security from the sidebar, and then go to b.
  5. Open Notifications
  6. In the Allow section, click Add.
  7. Type/paste the following URLs to allow notification on Google Chrome.
    • Meet—
    • Chat​—

10). Arrange Audience Q&A/Polling During Presentation on Video Meeting

To make your presentation and entertain audience you can arrange Q&A and Polling, so one can submit questions, which after completing the presentation, you can answer them.

  1. Join the video meeting on Meet.
  2. Open the presentation that you want to showcase from the Google Slides.
  3. Click on the Present Down Arrow and choose the Presenter view.
  4. Resume video meeting and click Present now.
  5. Select from: Your entire screen and A window.
  6. Then, click Share.
  7. Find the Audience Tools in the Slides.
    • To begin new Q&A, click Start new.
    • To continue with the old Q&A session, click Continue recent.
    • To prevent questions, hit ON in the Q&A window.

Above all are the free features of Google Meet Video meeting and Audio meeting. So Google meet to fulfill the all user’s requirements who are using the Zoom none secure app according to Experts at starting days.

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