How to Use News App Mac, MacBook Computer: Q&A/ Issues

1 News App on Mac OS Mojace how to use and issues

In the past tutorial, we have seen how to get an Apple news app on Mac outside US, UK, and Australia. That we can use on the latest news headline as a notification lets on your Mac or iPhone, iPad quickly and easily. This year apple Release and add Apple News app with new iOS/iPadOS Update and macOS for Mac. This tutorial also helps to fix the Real-time issues or find the solution & Options on Apple News App Problems on Mac.

Apple was cleared that New app is added in its inbuilt apps in every Apple devices like Mac, MacBook, iPad, and iPod. so that you can easily access from any device. News, Home, Voice Memos, and Stocks are introduced in the macOS Mojave this fall. Let’s take a quick look at the News app of the latest version of macOS. Find the latest Solutions on Apple News App Not Working on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

1 News App on Mac OS Mojace how to use and issues

Apple News on Mac On MacBook, Mac Computer: We Must Know

News app Missing on Mac or Won’t install outside the US, Camera or Australia.

We can delete the News app just like pages and numbers app on Mac. And re-download from apps store. You are outside the USA, check this link [Use News app Outside America].

How to open News App On Mac

  • It is very simple to open any file and application in Mac and MacBook. Only you have to do is press “Command+Space Bar” and when Spotlight search bar appears type News app and hit enter.
  • If you downloaded the news app forcefully, you might not get using spotlight search. Go to “Finder” > “Applications” > “News” [icon with Red “N” symbol]

Unable to Find News App on Launchpad or Spotlight Search: Look After inside the Finder, Open Finder on Mac > Applications > News.

News App Keyboard Shortcuts On Mac: macOS Mojave

  1. Check for New Story: Command + R
  2. Live Open Storey in New App: Command + L
  3. Dislike Story: Command + D
  4. Save Story: Command + S
  5. Clear History: Go to Top menu > File > Clear History (Clear History, Clear Recommendation, Clear All)
  6. Close News App: Command + W
  7. Make News Article Text Bigger: Command + + sight
  8. Make News Text Size Small: Command + – Sign
  9. News app on Full Screen: Control + Command + F

Manage News App Subscription on Mac

Manage News App Subscription on Mac
Manage News App Subscription on Mac

Apple’s Premium subscription is available on Mac, that we can easily get on any device, here are the steps to find on Mac. Open News App on Mac > From top Menu Click on Manage Subscription...

Categories in News App: Search News Channel & Follow

Find new News Channels and Topics using Smart search in the News app. Scroll down left pane from top to bottom.

10 search new Channel and add in to favorite

The News app in macOS Mojave is divided into two parts, Following and Suggested by Siri. The Following section includes the Top Stories and Todays News. When you click on the Like button the Siri suggestion automatically put that topic in the “Following” section.


Moreover, when you dislike the topic, it will place that item into “Blocked Channels and Topics”, which is located on the bottom left of the News App in macOS Mojave.

Save Stories, Save Channels, Block Channel and Subscribe Channel

You can also save stories, follow the channel, Block Channel and Subscribe channel by simply clicking on “File menu” on the top of the window.

File Menu > save Story (Command + S), This option will save the story on News app.

7 Export Saved Stories and History on Mac

When you save stories and if you want to open it then scroll down the left menu, and on the bottom, You will see “Saved Stories”. In case if you forget to save story then just open the History, and from there you can get the recently opened stories.

Or Swipe left to remove the particular story from saved list. And “unsaved” it. Also, you can directly share or Love story in action.

5 Unasave saved stories on Mac's news app

Clear save Story: When you open the History, on the top right corner there is one more option available that is “Clear”. To clear all history click on “Clear” in the History.

6 Export Saved Stories and Find History on Mac

Personalize the Following Section: News App Sidebar

To personalize what you want to see and what do you want to have in the Following section, click on “Browse Channels and Topic” then from that page “click on the Heart symbol” and hit “Done”.

Although you can “edit that sidebar”,

9 Edit news app Sidebar on Mac

click on “Edit” and then you can Drag and Drop for rearrange the list or Add or Delete, manage until you are not satisfied by the sidebar.

8 Remove or Re-arrange Channel on News app on Mac

News App Sidebar missing: Read News on Full windows

News app has Customise sidebar, Click on “Show or Hide custom Sidebar” at top of news app bar.

Hide and Show Sidebar on News App on Mac

Search News Stories, Channels and Topics

To directly read the “Top Stories” about the particular channel, scroll upwards, and from the Search panel, you can reach to particular Channels or Topics or Stories.

3 Browse New Channel and Tpoics on MacOS Mojave

When the Channel comes after searching, to add on the Following section just click on the Hearth symbol.

4 add new news channel or Stories on Mac

Share Stories over different mediums

Meanwhile, you can also share stories via Mail, Messages, and AirDrop. Even if you want to add to Notes, Photos, Reading list, add people and Aperture are options available for you.

2 Share News story from Mac

NOTE: Whatever changes you made in the macOS Mojave it has no effect in your iOS app. For instance, if you have liked a channel or an article or saved some stories then you won’t find them in your iOS device.

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