How to Record Videos without switching out of photo mode on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Out of all iPhone 11 Camera upgrades, one of my favorite features is QuickTake Video Mode (record videos without switching out of photo mode) of iPhone 11 and new iPhone 11 Pro. However, I was expecting QuickTake Video Mode on other iPhone’s too, unfortunately, QuickTake Video is only available on the iPhone 11 lineup. This feature allows you to switch between photo and Video modes, without quitting current mode. So, switching between Video and Photo mode is much quicker and easier than ever before in the Camera app, if you own the iPhone 11.

QuickTake Mode of iPhone 11, reminds of Instagram and Snapchat interface. Both the app works the same way as iPhone 11’s QuickTake Video Mode. You must be thinking that if these social apps support this feature, then why other iPhone do not? Apparently, QuickTake requires a hardware element and software that is included in the iPhone 11 lineup, so there is no chance other iPhone could use QuickTake Video Mode.

What exactly is QuickTake Video Mode on iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro?

How to use quicktake video mode without switch photo mode on iPhone 11 Pro

How to use quick take video mode without switch photo mode on iPhone 11 Pro

I assume the above information is enough to understand what is QuickTake Mode on iPhone 11 and why QuickTake Video Mode is not available on the other iPhone. QuickTake Mode on the iPhone is as easy to snap pictures on the iPhone in simple terms record videos without switching out of photo mode, here’s how to use it.

How to use QuickTake Video Mode on iPhone 11 Pro model

Let’s take a situation where you are capturing pictures on iPhone 11, but also want to record videos. At that time, holding down the shutter button will start recording video on iPhone 11. And, on releasing the shutter button, the camera app will be switched back to Photo mode. However, if you feel like the video recording is going long, then swipe the shutter button to the right to lock it down. Now, even on releasing the shutter button, the Video recording will not stop. Besides, when you swipe left the photo mode will be activated. This is how QuickTake Video Mode works.

QuickTake Video Mode on iPhone 11 Pro

Credit – Apple

  • Step #1. Launch the Camera app on your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro.
  • Step #2. Hold down the shutter button and move it to the right side.
  • Step #3. This will start recording without switching from Photo mode.

That was all about how to use QuickTake Video Mode on iPhone 11. Hopefully, after spending many bucks, you might be looking to get the most out of the iPhone. Besides, having many questions related iPhone, to clear out them, you can prefer our Q & A Article of iPhone 11.

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