How to use scan credit cards from safari in iOS 8: iPhone 6

Auto fills or Pay by using Scan credit card option available in iOS 8 browsers secure? Everyone has a question arise when you see first time on your iPhone 6 or 6 plus browser (iOS 8). So don’t be confused and hesitate and go through out this tutorial and let’s check others are paying by using Scan credit cards from safari option successfully. Normally before this option users have to enter manually data from own credit card on each online purchase from online store, and money transfer.

Note: are you using jailbreak iPhone then don’t try on your iPhone otherwise you might be losing anything. It’s hence that your iPhone contains same jailbreak root password. So first change root password in jailbreak iOS device and set it own.

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Here is the fastest way to pay by Scan credit cards from safari, let’s we check

Step 1: Go to the payment details page when your proceed to pay from browser (Safari).

Step 2: Tap on credit card number box from webpage,

Scan credit card from safari browser

Step 3: Now, you can see numeric pad for submit Card number, Tap on “Scan credit card”.

Step 4: Next, your iPhone screen showing rectangle frame There you have to place perfectly for best scanned result.

Get scanned credit card data on safari

Step 5: When your device scanned all number, camera screen automatically pull down and your payment details page will appear with filled details.

Now, you are done – Scan credit cards from safari completed

For Developer use, who wants add this feature on your website:

As website developer you don’t have to do any more for auto detect ID and details from your scanned card from your iPhone camera. That time Apart from user for developer are you suffering on can’t work option as a auto fill after scan credit card from your iOS 8 device on text up your page you have mad please refer very useful developer solution if you failed in scan credit cards from safari or other browsers.

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