How to Use & Send iMessage From Android to iPhone/iPad: We Can Do in 2023

🗓️ November 28, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelStart Free iMessage on your android by send iMessage from Android to iPhone/iPad or Mac’s Messages app. recently, a developer has found a way out that allows you to use iMessage on Android devices too. The only thing you required is MacBook, Mac Mini or iMac to communicate with your friends using iMessage on Android. The process is bit complicated but if you have an Apple computer and Android smartphone you can easily use weMessage and communicate with your iOS friends over iMessage.

Let me tell you how it works after you set up these whole settings on MacBook or Mac and then the iMessage will be forwarded to your Android device via Mac server. So whenever you respond to that message using weMessage from Android device, the message will go to Mac server and then to the iMessage recipient. The whole system works like the speed of light; hence the person with whom you are communicating will never get to know that you are replying with Android smartphone via a weMessage app.

In the below video, the whole process of setting up Mac server is shown along with how it works,

How to Send iMessage From Android to iPhone/iPad: 2019 Tips

Watch Full Video for Easy Walkthrough the setup on your android mobile, register yourself and Start sending on iMessage Apple ID Address.

Get Official Setup guide and Pre-requisite conditions:

Download This app on Android Mobile or Tab: Play Store App

What about features of iMessage? Currently, the common functions like group chats, voice message, video, and photo attachments, read receipts, and more are supported. Few more abilities are yet to come in weMessage along with some extra features will be added to it which are not present in iMessage.

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The only drawback of this system is you need Mac or MacBook to use weMessage as an alternative to iMessage in Android. In case you don’t have macOS then, unfortunately, you cannot use your Android smartphone to send iMessage.

From the video tutorial, you are aware of how complicated the procedure is to set up weServer on Mac. If you are master in Terminal and in using Mac, then you can comfortably set up the server on macOS.

Like weMessage there are so many applications launched and but they were closed because Apple doesn’t allow the official products to be used in any non-Apple devices. Since Roman, the developer of weMessage doesn’t seem to be violating the Apple TOS the company is allowing this app on Android devices. The reason is that the developer is using Mac server to send and receive messages on Android devices.

Luckily if you have macOS with Yosemite or later version and Android smartphone then try this trick to use iMessage on Android device.

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